In a world where the technological landscape is being revolutionised by quantum physics, IDQ helps its customers to guarantee long-term security of their data through quantum-safe crypto solutions. Additionally, IDQ provides best-in-class instruments, tools and expertise that enable its customers to solve problems by exploiting the potential of quantum physics, while revealing its beauty.

IDQ is organised into three business units:

Quantum-Safe Cryptography

ID Quantique provides high-performance quantum-safe network encryption solutions for the protection of data in transit. Supporting up to 100Gbps on local and storage area networks for data centre interconnect & DRC, as well as on fully meshed global WAN networks for international operations.

By using state-of-the-art algorithms and highly secure quantum key generation and quantum key distribution (quantum cryptography) IDQ ensures that the solutions are “quantum-safe” for the long-term protection of sensitive data into and beyond the quantum era when quantum computers will render most of today’s conventional encryption algorithms vulnerable.

Single Photon Systems

IDQ also has a growing scientific instrumentation business, where the company’s core quantum photonics technologies provide innovative solutions for industrial, commercial and research applications. Its product offering includes photon-counters for the visible and infrared regions of the optical spectrum, short-pulse laser sources, as well QKD platforms for R&D applications.

Random Number Generation

IDQ also develops and commercialises random number generators based on quantum physics, which are used in several industries, including security and gaming and lotteries, where they have become a reference. The QRNG devices are NIST SP800-22 compliant, they have been independently certified by a Swiss national laboratory and have been validated according to AIS 31 criteria.

An innovator in quantum technology

Continuous passion, a strong focus on innovation and the flexibility of a dedicated team have allowed IDQ to reach profitability and establish itself as a leader in the fields of quantum-safe crypto, scientific instrumentation and random number generators. Its products are used by government, enterprise and academic customers in more than 60 countries and on every continent.

ID Quantique has a global footprint through its R&D partnerships with leading companies and R&D institutions. It maintains close ties with academic institutions by participating in several Swiss and European R&D programs and plays a leading role in cutting-edge projects to drive innovation to the market.

As a privately held Swiss company focused on sustainable growth, IDQ is proud of its independence and believes in establishing long-term and trusted relationships with its customers and partners. The original founders are still active in the company – Dr Grégoire Ribordy is CEO and board member of IDQ,  and Prof Nicolas Gisin, head of the Group of Applied Physics in the University of Geneva, sits on the company’s board.

Company history

ID Quantique (IDQ) was created in Geneva, Switzerland in 2001 by four scientists from the University of Geneva who anticipated the important forthcoming impact of quantum physics on information technology.

The company initially operated as a small university spin-off, working on research projects to demonstrate the feasibility of quantum key distribution (or QKD, better known as quantum cryptography).

In late 2003, IDQ raised one million Euros from i2i, a venture capital fund based in Luxemburg, which allowed the company to develop the first QKD products for data centres and conduct the first test implementations. From 2010 onwards IDQ rolled out quantum-safe crypto solutions in both commercial and government markets worldwide.

In 2013 IDQ raised an additional $4.5 million from QWave Capital, a venture fund dedicated to investments in private companies in the sector of quantum mechanics and materials science, in order to expand its market presence in different geographic and vertical markets.

More recently, in November 2016, IDQ raised $4 million from strategic investors, including South Korean telecommunications giant SK Telecom. The investment will continue to strengthen ID Quantique’s position as the world leader in quantum cryptography and quantum random number generation. It will also help IDQ to continue to develop overseas markets in Asia.

Awards and honors

The company has received several Swiss and international awards in recognition for its achievements and pioneering spirit.

It has also released several world premieres, including the first-ever deployment of quantum key distribution in a live network environment, the first deployment of QKD over a multiplexed network for commercial clients, the longest-running quantum crypto installation (since 2007) and participated to the demonstration of the longest QKD distance to date (307 kilometers).

Strong commitment to the environment

IDQ’s business focus on long-term and sustainable growth translates into a strong commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. The company encourages its employees to select environmentally friendly means of transportation and promotes recycling and energy savings.

Since 2006, it has also been using the myclimate foundation to offset its CO2 emissions from air travels.