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IDQ becomes ETSI member

IDQ is delighted to announce it has become a member of ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, which produces globally-applicable standards for information and communications technologies. As an ETSI member, IDQ is now an active participant in two emerging technology committees: Quantum Safe Cryptography

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ID101 PicSat

ID101 Miniature Detector Chosen for PicSat Mission

PicSat is a nano-satellite designed to measure exoplanetary transits. The project, conducted within the High Angular Resolution Astronomy group at LESIA, uses interferometric instrumentation, integrated optics and single-mode fibre filtering for the study of stellar environments.

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Centauris Encryption Product Updates

As part of our continued commitment to provide tried and tested high-assurance offerings, we are pleased to announce that FIPS 140-2 Level 3 & Common Criteria EAL2+ certifications have been achieved for the first time on the Centauris CN8000 Multilink Encryptor platforms.

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Quantum Technology is Here, There and Everywhere

Quantum technology is beginning to come into its own. In a recent technology quarterly article, The Economist writes “After decades as laboratory curiosities, some of quantum physics’ oddest effects are beginning to be put to use”.

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quantum flagship intermediate report

Quantum Flagship Intermediate Report

A few days ago, the Intermediate Report from the Quantum Technologies Flagship High-Level Expert Group was handed over to the European Commission. The QT Flagship initiative aims to place Europe at the forefront of the second quantum revolution now unfolding worldwide.

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South Korea legislates for QKD

South Korea Legislates for QKD

In a recent announcement, representative Lee Eun-Kwon of the ruling party presented a proposal detailing the new Act on the promotion of Quantum Information and Communication Technology Development and Industrialisation.

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Quantum Risk Assessment: The evolutionQ methodology

The ninth Winter School on Quantum Cybersecurity took place in January 2017. Amongst the many outstanding presentations was a session presented by Prof. Michele Mosca from the Institute of Quantum Computing in Waterloo (Canada) and evolutionQ Inc.

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ID Quantique Set to Expand to the USA

ID Quantique’s Photon Counting division now has a presence in the US with the hiring of our Regional Manager, Mr. Rik Van Gorsel Ph.D, based in Boston. Rik is trained as a physiologist, with a wealth of experience in physics and a long-standing background in

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Hugo Zbinden awarded 2016 Heinrich-Greinacher Prize

Bern – November 30th 2016 Prof. Hugo Zbinden, co-founder of ID Quantique, has been awarded the 2016 Heinrich-Greinacher prize from the Physical Institute of the University of Bern. The award was granted in recognition of his ground-breaking work in the fields of quantum optics

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