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Centauris Encryption Product Updates

As part of our continued commitment to provide tried and tested high-assurance offerings, we are pleased to announce that FIPS 140-2 Level 3 & Common Criteria EAL2+ certifications have been achieved for the first time on the Centauris CN8000 Multilink Encryptor platforms.

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ID Quantique Joins the Quantum Space Race

ID Quantique SA (IDQ) today announced that it has joined the quantum space race. After having launched the first ground-based commercial Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system a decade ago based on optical fibers, IDQ now hopes within a few years to offer a new

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Quantum Technology is Here, There and Everywhere

Quantum technology is beginning to come into its own. In a recent technology quarterly article, The Economist writes “After decades as laboratory curiosities, some of quantum physics’ oddest effects are beginning to be put to use”.

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Quantum World Association Announced At MWC

With the vision to bring together players in the field of quantum technologies and services, a group of leading companies has decided to found the Quantum World Association, a not-for-profit organization based in Barcelona.

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Bloomberg Interviews IDQ CEO Gregoire Ribordy

Bloomberg Interviews ID Quantique CEO Gregoire Ribordy In recent months, the mainstream media has featured a growing number of articles on the potential impact of the quantum computer. The exponential increase in processing power that comes with the transition from bits to Qubits has

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IDQ features in Cyber Security Special Report

IDQ features in Cyber Security Special Report Earlier this month, the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) published a Cyber Security Special Report, featuring five articles that appeared in the July Edition of Financial World Magazine; the journal of the LIBF, published six

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QuEST: Quantum Era Security Times July 2017

In this edition we check in on Google and its competitors in the Race for Quantum Supremacy and we profile data breach risks to one specific industry as we discuss the challenges involved in Securing Healthcare Data In Motion.

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Single Photon Systems July 2017

In this edition, we highlight our United States roadshow which will be stopping in Boston, Washington, Baltimore, Montréal and Ottawa as well as invite you to the 8th installment of the Single Photon Workshop.

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IDQ Demonstrates Quantum-Safe Videoconferencing

On 6th July 2017, IDQ were invited to speak at a seminar organised by the Secretariat of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and the Digital Society of Catalonia in Barcelona.   Quantum-Safe Videoconferencing The event featured specially-invited delegates from the Catalan Government and local industry. The aim of

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ABB acquires KEYMILE’s Communication Networks Business

Earlier this month, industrial technology company ABB announced it had acquired KEYMILE’s communication networks business, in a move that strengthens its digital network portfolio.   KEYMILE and ID Quantique Toward the end of 2015, KEYMILE and IDQ formed a framework partnership agreement. Part of

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The Race For Quantum Supremacy

In a few short years, the quest to develop a viable quantum computer, one that is capable of outperforming “classical” computers, has gone from science fiction to science fact. Quantum computers leverage the core principles of quantum physics to exponentially increase their computational power.

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Winter School, Les Diablerets, 20 – 26 January 2018

Make sure you reserve your seat at the 10th anniversary of the ID Quantique Winter School which will be held at the Swiss ski resort Les Diablerets from the 20th-26th January 2018. The theme for this year is The Coming-of-Age of Quantum Cybersecurity.

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QuEST: Quantum Era Security Times June 2017

This month we review a use case entitled Improving Randomness to Prevent Weak Keys in which a Nordic-based IT company employs IDQ's Quantis Appliance as a source of truly random numbers in data centers.

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