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This year, we are happy to have a list of very distinguished guest speakers, who will be on-hand to share their insight and knowledge with you.

Our guests will be ably assisted by the ID Quantique team, who will teach some of the more technical sessions and prepare the hands-on sessions, where you will get the chance to operate real quantum communication systems.

Ekert1 Prof. Artur Ekert, University of Oxford (UK) and Center for Quantum Technologies (Singapore)
Artur is a pioneer of QKD, inventor of the famous E91 protocol, which suggested the use of entangled states in QKD. He is also the Director of the CQT in Singapore.
Mosca1 Prof. Michele Mosca, Institute of Quantum Computing (Waterloo, Canada)
Michele is co-founder of the IQC. He is a very vocal proponent of Quantum-Safe Security. Michele is also famous, inter alia, for the Mosca equation: “If X+Y>Z then Worry!” (which will be explained during the school).
Popescu1 Prof. Sandu Popescu, University of Bristol (UK)
Sandu is one of the founder of quantum information theory, which is at the heart of the whole field of quantum communication. Sandu is a regular guest at the WS, and a much appreciated one.
Dr. Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Kudelski Security (Switzerland)
Jean-Philippe is a distinguished cryptographer, co-inventor of the BLAKE hash-function. He will (partly) represent the algorithmic community at the WS, which, we hope, will lead to interesting discussions (especially at the evening sessions at the bar).
Makarov1 Prof. Vadim Makarov, Institute for Quantum Computing (Waterloo, Canada)
Vadim is the best-known quantum hacker. He has been trying (with sometimes too much success for our taste!) to find side-channel attacks on QKD protocols, to support our QKD security certification initiative.
Zbinden1 Prof. Hugo Zbinden, University of Geneva (Switzerland)
Hugo is a pioneer in practical QKD in optical fibers. He is a co-inventor of the plug&play QKD system and has performed several “first” experiments with his team at the University of Geneva.
Afzelius1 Dr. Mikaël Afzelius, University of Geneva (Switzerland)
Mikaël is an expert in quantum repeaters (which will remove the need for trusted nodes in long-distance QKD) and quantum memories, which can be used to study how quantum effects such as entanglement can be transferred between different physical systems.
Williams1 Dr. Colin Williams, D-Wave (Canada)
Colin is director of Business Development at D-wave, the first quantum computer company. He will describe the potential of quantum computing, which may be used in a wide range of applications.
Dr. Christoph Marquardt, Max Plank Institute (Germany)
Christoph is an expert on free-space QKD, and especially on QKD from space, which promises to remove the current distance limitation of QKD. He will present his views on the quantum space race currently under way.
Renato_Renner Prof. Renato Renner, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland)
Renato is Head of Quantum Information Group at the ETHZ. He is working on security proofs of QKD, amongst other topics. At the Winter School, he will explain how quantum hacking and security proofs are compatible.
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