Quantum Key Factory

IDQ’s Quantum Key Factory platform is dedicated to the creation of truly random encryption keys and unique digital tokens for secure crypto operations.

The Quantum Key Factory is based on the internationally tested and certified Quantis Random Number Generator, but also allows for a combination of multiple sources of randomness (entropy) to guarantee secure key generation at the highest level of trust. In particular, it can be connected to the Quantis Appliance, which provides true quantum randomness over a network.


Quantum Key Generation


  • True random number generation platform based on Quantis QRNG
  • Randomness based on natural quantum mechanics, robust to external environmental changes
  • Live verification of the core QRNG to ensure ongoing trust in the entropy source
  • Worldwide government certifications, including Swiss METAS certification and German BSI validation according to AIS 31.
  • Best practices in key scheduling, key mixing, key storage, key auditing
  • Can be integrated with the Quantis Appliance
  • Allows input of external third-party entropy source for additional trust

ID Quantique’s Quantum Key Factory platform underlies the creation of encryption keys and unique digital tokens for highly secure crypto operations and is based on the Quantis Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG).

Quantis has been certified by numerous governments worldwide, holds the Swiss METAS certification and has been validated in the German BSI’s AIS 31 testing.


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