Quantis TRNG


QUANTIS is a physical random number generator exploiting an elementary quantum optics process. You need to use Quantis in connection with a computer or server. The product exists in three versions compatible with most platforms:

  • USB device – random stream of 4Mbits/sec
  • PCI Express (PCIe) board – random stream of 4Mbits/sec
  • PCI board – random stream of 4Mbits/sec and 16Mbits/sec


  • Cryptography
  • Numerical Simulations
  • Statistical Research
  • Lotteries & Gaming
  • PIN Number Generation
  • Mobile Prepaid Systems


  • True quantum randomness (passes all randomness tests)
  • High bit rate of 4Mbits/sec (up to 16Mbits/sec for PCI card)
  • Affordable, compact and reliable
  • Continuous status check
  • Supports major operating systems
  • Easy integration using the Quantis library
  • EasyQuantis application with graphical user interface


The Quantis software package consists of the following components:

  • Drivers including 32-bit and 64-bit support (list of supported operating systems)
  • EasyQuantis Application
    Application with graphical user interface allowing to produce files of random numbers in different formats (integer, binary, floating point)
    EasyQuantis can also be used from a command line interface
  • Quantis Library
    Library allowing to access a Quantis TRNG’s raw number output and also implementing advanced functions such as scaling
  • Randomness Extractor
    Accessible as a library from your application, and by EasyQuantis both with GUI and CLI
  • Compatible with Virtualization
    Using Quantis in a virtualized environment? Read IDQ’s white paper
  • Sample code and wrappers
    Available for C++, C#, Java, VB.NET
    Quantis also supports the standard C++11 random device API.


QUANTIS has been evaluated and certified by the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology (also known as METAS), the Swiss national organization in charge of measurement science, testing and compliance. It confirmed that the quality of its random output complies with the highest requirements. See the Certificate of Conformity and read the Test Report.

QUANTIS has also been evaluated by Compliance Testing Laboratory (Bangor, UK), which confirmed that it is “suitably unpredictable and fit for purpose”. Download certificate in PDF format here.

QUANTIS has also been approved by national authorities and can be used for gaming applications.