RNG Reference Applications

Thanks to its reliability, the quality of its random output and its certifications, Quantis has rapidly become the reference hardware random number generator for industries which require high security and regulatory compliance.

Online Gaming and Lottery Applications

Lotterie Romande Quantum Draws for Lottery Games in Switzerland Loterie Romande, one of Switzerland’s two lottery operators, uses the Quantis QRNG for its winning number draw application. >> User case (PDF)
Lotsys Lotsys chooses Quantis QRNG as a source of entropy Lotsys is a French specialist in lottery and gaming solutions for both online and retail settings. Their portfolio includes several best-in-class gaming applications whose randomness depends on the Quantis QRNG. Visit The Lotsys Website for more information.
Novomatic Novomatic gaming equipment powered by Quantis QRNG One of the world’s leading gaming integrators, Novomatic has been using the Quantis QRNG platform since 2010. Visit The Novomatic Website for more information
 Bet Cruise Logo Quantis provides randomness to BetCruise BetCruise, a virtual “Gambling Fleet” providing a broad range of online games, relies on Quantis as its sole source of randomness. Visit BetCruise for more information.
 Infiniti Poker Logo Quantis utilized to shuffle cards at Infiniti Poker Infiniti Poker, a cutting edge online poker platform, ensures fairness and randomness through the use of Quantis QRNG. Visit Infiniti Poker for more information
A Bet A Quantis integrated in lotteries at A Bet A A Bet A is a leading supplier of betting systems in the UK, Ireland and worldwide. Quantis devices have been chosen to provide the core random source in several of their solutions. Visit The A Bet A Website for more information


Security Applications

Data Center Applications

The Quantis QRNG is used to generate high-quality cryptographic keys for encryption or authentication and to seed deterministic PRNGs. It acts as a hardware source of trust for cloud or distributed environments, providing secure keys for Virtual Machines (VMs), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and remote desktops on both Windows & Linux environments. A typical use case is to seed Open SSL to ensure a minimum quality of randomness in the encryption key. References available upon request.

PKI Applications

The Quantis Appliance (based on the QRNG) is used to provide an additional external source of entropy to commercial hardware security modules (HSMs), such as the Safenet Luna 4 and Luna 5. This enables best practices in key generation for demanding government and banking applications with high regulatory requirements. Commercial & government references available upon request.

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