Random Number Generation

Quantis is a hardware random number generator exploiting an elementary quantum optics process to provide high quality randomness for cryptographic, gaming and other applications.

Quantis exists in five versions: a USB device, a PCI Express (PCIe) board, the Quantis Appliance, AIS31 validated devices and an OEM component. The product delivers best-in-class random bit rate of up to 16Mbps.


Quantis-USB & Quantis-PCIe

  • Quantis User Guide (v2.10)
    This document explains how to install the drivers for a Quantis USB device or PCIe board and how to generate random numbers. It also describes the use of the Quantis Library.

Quantis Appliance

Quantis-OEM Component

Randomness Tests Reports and Certificates

User Cases

  • Loterie Romande
    Quantis True Random Number Generator in Swiss Lottery Application.

Press Releases

White papers on random number generation

Sample of Random Bits

  • random1e9.dat
    (binary file, 10E9 bits, generated on June 25th 2010, Quantis-PCIe-4M s/n 10140013A510)

Selected Scientific Publications

This section lists a number of scientific on the Quantis random number generator family or which make use of this generator.

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