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From July 31st until August 5th, information security experts from all over the world will gather in the amazing city of Las Vegas, or online, for the 24th Black Hat USA edition.

Well established in the cybersecurity industry, Black Hat has been attracting audiences for more than two decades. This year’s event will be a unique hybrid of live and virtual sessions, starting with four days of virtual training between July 31st and August 3rd. The event will conclude with a two-day conference (August 4th-5th) available both online and in-person at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.



ID Quantique, along with EvoluionQ will deliver an online training entitled: Impact of Quantum Technologies on Cybersecurity.

The goal of this 2-day workshop is to provide information security professionals with the tools to assess, understand and address the emerging threat posed by quantum computing.


As emphasized by recent events and the controversy about quantum supremacy, the quantum computer is already a reality. The timing of the arrival of a quantum computer capable of factoring large integers and therefore of breaking most existing public key cryptosystems is still under debate. However, the risk is now real and increasing. In order to prepare our cybersecurity framework to this momentous event, action must be taken today. The goal of this workshop is to provide information security professionals with a basic understanding of the quantum world, and give them the tools to assess, understand and answer the quantum threat.


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