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Introducing IDQ’s 4th generation

Quantum Key Distribution
XG Series

The XG Series

provides the highest level of trust for future-proof data protection.

Cerberis XG

Quantum Key Distribution for enterprise, government and telco production environments

  • Provably secure QKD with intrusion detection
  • Trusted security (tamper detection, secure memory module, QRNG chip)
  • Various network topologies (ring, hub and spoke, meshed)
  • Interoperability with major Ethernet and OTN encryption vendors
  • Embedded KMS and Management tools
  • Centrally monitored solution


Cerberis XGR

Quantum Key Distribution designed for academia, research institutes and innovation labs

All of the XG’s features, plus:

  • Open QKD platform for easy evaluation and testing
  • Automated and manual operations for different parameters and study various setups
  • Comprehensive software suite with real-time monitoring and management system


Quantum Key Distribution makes data safe now and in the future.

  • QKD solves data exchanges once and for all.
  • Its reliability is not impacted by technological advancements nor time.

Read our eBook to learn how QKD provides the highest level of trust, Once and for all.

From the world’s first commercial application of QKD in 2007… To nation-wide and continental deployments in 2021.

Based on 14 years of commercial deployment and customer feedback, the XG Series is ID Quantique’s 4th generation of QKD.



Leverage Quantum Security Today

The XG Series is available now. Get in touch with our team to find out what it can do for you today.


Upgrade your existing encryption solution with Quantum-Safe Security

Not quite ready? Watch our introduction presentation to find out more about The Cerberis XG

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