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Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Congress 2020

The Cloud Security Alliance EMEA congress 2020 will be virtual this year. Join the series of webinars over 3 days

On day 2 (November 4th), modernize your approach to the cloud by learning how to improve your architecture, implement automations and prepare for emerging technologies.

We will give a talk: Get Quantum Safe, with Roger Grimes

Quantum computers continue to strengthen, and soon will be able to break traditional forms of asymmetric encryption and weaker symmetric ciphers. Attend this session given by Bruno Huttner and Roger Grimes to learn about the coming quantum crypto break and what your organization can do now to prepare. It will cover the state of post-quantum cryptography and quantum key distribution. If you don’t know much about what is going on in the quantum computing world, the threats, and what we are doing to prepare, this is a good presentation to attend.

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ID Quantique is active in the CSA Quantum Safe Security Working Group. Join the group.

The CSA Quantum Safe Security Working Group’s goal is to address key generation and transmission methods that will aid the industry in understanding quantum-safe methods for protecting their data through quantum key distribution (QKD) — a physics‐based technology to securely deliver keys– and post-quantum cryptography (PQC) — mathematical algorithms that are resistant to quantum computing. The goal of the working group is to support the quantum‐safe cryptography community in development and deployment of a framework to protect data whether in movement or at rest.


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Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Congress 2020

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