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Join us for a two-day ETSI virtual technical event focusing on Quantum Safe Cryptography. Together with our partner Fortinet, we will be giving a presentation on “Securing a 5G Telecommunication Network with quantum key distribution.”

As we increasingly rely on cyber technologies, we are ever more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The cybersecurity tools at the centre of protecting our business functions, connected devices and information assets from cyber threats rely on cryptographic tools and standards that will be broken by emerging quantum technologies. Planning and preparing is critical. A new suite of tools resilient to quantum computers must be standardized and deployed in order to maintain the availability and reliability of cyber systems and protect confidentiality and integrity.

This event is designed for members of the business, government and research communities with a stake in cryptographic standardization on a global scale. It will showcase both the most recent developments from industry and government, and cutting-edge potential solutions coming out of the most recent research.


Our colleague Jean-Sébastien Pegon will give a presentation with Simon Bryden from Fortinet on Securing a 5G Telecommunication Network with quantum key distribution. They will explain how our combined solution using QKD keys within IPSec protocol implemented in FortiGate is securing the 5G transport network of SK Telecom (Proof of Concept).

To follow this presentation, please go to the “on demand section” of the event.


About the speakers

Working for the past 2 years for ID Quantique as Head of Telecom market, Jean-Sébastien Pegon has a physics and Telecom engineering background and has worked since 20 years in Telecom from R&D to product and Sales management role in startups and Multinationals developing mobile, voice and data secure networks and applications.






Simon Bryden is a consulting systems engineer at Fortinet with more than 30 years experience in the networking and security business





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