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European Cyber Security Perspectives 2018

The fifth edition of KPN’s European Cyber Security Perspectives report was published in April 2018. It features some great articles from contributors across the cyber-security industry; including IDQ’s Kelly Richdale and Bruno Huttner.

The European Cyber Security Perspectives report brings together the thoughts, knowledge and opinions of some of the leading minds in cyber security. Representatives from Accenture, Deloitte and PwC join many more contributors who have shared technical insights and their predictions for the future.

IDQ feature with quantum technologies article

IDQ’s article, ‘Why Quantum Technologies Matter in Critical Infrastructure and IoT’, discusses the growing role that technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) is playing when it comes to a nation’s critical infrastructure.

It expands on the security challenges that this new, connected infrastructure brings; highlighting that a single security breach would no longer affect just one device. Instead, it would affect millions.

The article also discusses the wider threats posed to today’s public key cryptography by advances in quantum computing. It makes recommendations as to what governments and organisations alike should be doing as a matter of urgency to secure themselves from hacks by quantum computers. As quantum threats become more commonplace over the next 10-15 years, critical infrastructure will become more susceptible to breaches and potential failure.

“As devices and systems become ever more interconnected, it is increasingly important to ensure that they have adequate cryptographic protections. This is relevant both for critical infrastructures, IoT and any application using blockchain. Action is required now, both to ensure current security, but also to prepare upgrade paths for future technology advances and threats.”
Kelly Richdale, Senior Vice President Quantum-Safe Security – ID Quantique

You can download your free copy of European Cyber Security Perspectives 2018 here.



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