How to protect your data from cyber attacks – Geneva, Switzerland, 2 October 2019

As a member of the Swiss Association for Quality, ID Quantique, alongside partners KYOS and Datago, will be at the next conference in Geneva entitled: How to protect data from cyber attacks.

In our interconnected world, a new threat has been added to business risk management: cyber attacks.

Faced with these trends, Europe has put in place the General Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR), to regulate the subject in business. Putting it into practice, however, is a major challenge, even for Swiss organisations.

However, encryption remains today the most effective method for securing data. Quantum technologies make it possible to guarantee encryption mechanisms a high level of security over time.

Join our conference, organised by the Swiss Association for Quality, and learn more about the latest hacking techniques presented by our partner KYOS. We will also discuss the impact of the GDPR and the LPD and governance on data security in business (with Datago).

Finally our CEO Grégoire Ribordy will talk about Quantum Technologies and long term security of data.

(The conferences are given in French.)

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