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Come and meet IDQ at ICMC the leading annual event for global expertise in commercial cryptography where we will be giving a pre-conference workshop, with our partner EvolutionQ on “Preparing for the Quantum era”.

ICMC is the leading annual event for global expertise in commercial cryptography. At ICMC20 over 400 industry leaders from 27 countries will come together to address the unique challenges faced by those who develop, produce, test, specify, and use cryptographic modules, with a strong focus on standards such as FIPS 140-3, ISO/IEC 19790, eEIDAS, and Common Criteria.

The conference helps to foster a focused, organized community of users. ICMC reviews technical issues underlying cryptographic implementation including physical security, key management, side-channel analysis, open-source development, algorithm testing, quantum threats, embedded applications, standardization, validation programs, government policy, professional ethics, and more.

ID Quantique, along with EvoluionQ, will give a workshop entitled: “Preparing for the Quantum era”

The goal of this workshop is to provide information security professionals with the tools to assess, understand and answer this new threat. Register before 16 March to get an early bird price.

Workshop agenda

Introduction – The quantum threat
This first session is a high-level overview of the state of affairs, introducing the quantum computer, the threat to cybersecurity and the concept of quantum-safe security.

Quantum risk assessment
Prior to finding and implementing solutions, security professionals must review the security of their most sensitive information assets. Quantum Risk Assessments are performed like traditional risk assessments. They include additional threat scenarios such as the reduced effectiveness of existing cryptographic safeguards, allowing risk assessors to explore the accumulative risks associated with failing cryptographic controls within a business.

Post-quantum cryptography
This session explores the conventional solutions, known as Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) or Quantum-Resistant Algorithms (QRA’s). These algorithms promise to be resistant to attacks by a quantum computer. We analyse the characteristics of the algorithms under consideration by NIST, show how they differ from classical public key algorithms, and explain how to prepare for the upcoming cryptographic migration that will start in 2023 coinciding with the NIST recommendations and publications.

Quantum solutions
In an interesting twist, quantum technologies also represent a possible answer to the quantum computer threat. We review two types of quantum technologies, starting with Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNG’s), which offer improved randomness for all cryptographic applications. We then introduce Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), also known as quantum cryptography. QKD offers a novel alternative for key exchange, where the security is based on the very foundations of quantum mechanics. QKD is therefore intrinsically resistant to the QC threat. We explain how it can be used in conjunction with PQC to provide cybersecurity in the quantum era.

More information on the event is available here.

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