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ID Quantique’s Photon Counting division now has a presence in the US with the hiring of our Regional Manager, Mr. Rik Van Gorsel Ph.D, based in Boston.

Rik is trained as a physiologist, with a wealth of experience in physics and a long-standing background in academia. Rik has been a supporter of ID Quantique’s products for over five years. During this time he has worked with scientists at many universities and institutions and he is excited about establishing a stronger presence for IDQ in North America.

IDQ’s US presence will make the company’s best-of-breed technology more readily available to this market. As a leader in single photon-counting instrumentation for the communication wavelengths, the US represents a great opportunity for IDQ to rapidly expand its global markets.

This enhanced presence comes in conjunction with IDQ’s expansion to additional countries and shows IDQ’s ambition to be closer to its markets and to play a leading role in the supply of commercial quantum communications systems.

You can contact Rik at or by phone: +1-617-264-0080. and visit him at Brookline, 1319 Beacon Street, Suite 200, MA 02446, USA.

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