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ID281 Superconducting Nanowire


> Best-in-class quantum efficiency: >90%
> Recovery time: <15 ns
> Jitter: <20 ps (FWHM)
> Low dark count rate: <1 Hz

IDQ’s ID281 SNSPD is an ultimate combination of high performance single-photon detection, simple cryogenics and best-in-class time-tagging and control electronics.

Push the limit of your application to new heights with Swiss made SNSPDs combining high detection efficiency, low jitter, low noise and short recovery time.

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The detectors are integrated in an automated closed-cycle and compact 0.8 K cryostat providing ease-of-use and unrivalled temperature stability.

The system comes with the ID900 Time Controller for high-speed and high-resolution time-tagging, as well as the possibly to control your experiment. You can process and display your data qickly using its built-in realtime processing tools. Get the best results out of your application.



Key Features


> Best-in-class quantum efficiency: >90%
> Broadband detection efficiency
> Short recovery time and high detection rate
> Low Jitter: <20 ps (FWHM)
> Low dark count rate: <1 Hz
> Aumomated 0.8 K Closed-cycle cryostat with multiple channels
> Integrated control and data recording electronics
> Latch-free operation





> Quantum key distribution
> Quantum communication
> Quantum optics and computing
> Single-photon source characterisation
> Eye-safe laser light ranging (LiDAR)
> Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging
> Photoluminescence
> Failure analysis of integrated circuits
> VIS, NIR and MIR spectroscopy
> OTDR in optical fibres



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