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November 2016 saw ID Quantique celebrate its 15th anniversary. Over the last 15 years we have realized several world firsts in quantum technology innovation, notably:

  • In 2004, we brought the first commercial quantum key distribution QKD system to market
  • In 2007, this system was deployed by a government for the first time ever to protect the Geneva state elections in Switzerland
  • In 2010, we deployed QKD over multiplexed networks with 1Gbps of data
  • In 2011, we ran our QKD systems for over 18 months in the Swissquantum network in cooperation with the University of Geneva
  • In 2014, principles from IDQ, together with the University of Geneva, broke the world record for the longest distance key exchange by QKD – 307 km
  • In 2014, our Quantis true random number generator became the first QRNG to pass the German BSI’s stringent AIS31 randomness validation
  • In 2015, we launched the world’s first ATCA-blade QKD – designed specifically for the telecommunications market

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About IDQ

In a world where the technological landscape is being revolutionized by quantum physics, IDQ helps its customers to guarantee long-term security of their data through quantum-safe crypto solutions. IDQ also provides best-in class instruments, tools and expertise that enable its customers to solve problems by exploiting the potential of quantum physics, while revealing its beauty.

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