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Inside Quantum Technology 2021

According to ZDNET (Nov 2020), “ IQT”… has quickly become the quantum industry leading conference”

Inside Quantum Technology (New York) is the largest ever event devoted exclusively to quantum technology business. This conference includes panels and keynotes on eight vertical topics critical to those seeking new business revenues from quantum-related opportunities.

  • 25 sessions with 60+ live speakers and ample opportunity to network and have one-on-one discussions with exhibitors
  • Session days are live 4-hours (with Q&A) and will take place based on New York EST of 9AM

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Opening keynote, on May 17th

As main sponsor of the event, we invite you to join our opening keynote session.

At 8:55 am – Year 2 in the Quantum Decade – Time to Act
Presented by Axel Foery — Executive VP Quantum-Safe Security, ID Quantique

This keynote will show the actual status of quantum security focusing on QRNG and QKD with a technology outlook on the next couple of quarters. We will provide an actual status of operational quantum safe usage, the key findings on this different use cases and why it’s time to move for government and enterprises in order to escape from a strategic dilemma.


Our experts will also be joining panels:

Quantum-Safe (QKD / QRNG / PQC) track, on May 17th:

At 2.10 pm – Panel 2: QRNGs: The First Mass Market Quantum Technology?

  • Speaker 1: Francis Bellido — CEO, Quantum Numbers Corp.
  • Speaker 2: Thomas Stengel — Senior Director of QRNG Business Development, Qsafe Chips, ID Quantique

3:10 pm – Panel 4: Quantum Key Distribution Markets

  • Moderator: Lawrence Gasman — President, Inside Quantum Technology
  • Speaker 1: Warren Grice — Vice President of R&D, Qubitekk, Inc.
  • Speaker 2: Gilles Trachsel — Vice President, Sales EMEA & Product Management, Quantum-Safe Security, ID Quantique


QKD, Quantum Networking and the Path to the Quantum Internet track, on May 19th:

3:10 pm – Panel 4: Satellite vs. Fiber Optics

  • Speaker: Bruno Huttner – Director of Strategic Quantum Initiatives, and Quantum Key Distribution Expert, ID Quantique


Quantum End Users and applications track on May 19th:

2:10 pm – Panel 2: Quantum technologies and the rise of cryptocurrencies: Opportunity or apocalypse

  • Moderator: Dean Takahashi – Lead Writer, Venture Beat
  • Speaker 1: Kiran Bhagotra — CEO/Founder, ProtectBox
  • Speaker 2: Bruno Huttner – Director of Strategic Quantum Initiatives, and Quantum Key Distribution Expert, ID Quantique


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