The Future of Quantum Computing, Quantum Networking and Quantum Sensors: Come and meet us at this summit, which offers comprehensive insights into the commercial future of all areas of quantum technology presenting the opportunities available today and future applications in business and government. We are joining a panel!

Inside Quantum Technology – New York will offer attendees 60 speakers from firms critical to the commercial evolution of quantum technology.

Join the seven-panel end-user symposium, with panellists that include pioneer users of quantum technology from financial services, aerospace, pharma and speciality chemical, healthcare, automotive and transportation, defence, telecom carriers, government and R&D.

Attendees to this event will have the opportunity to learn more about the thinking of first quantum technology users; their deployments, successes and failures.

Our colleague Christopher Janes, Director QKD solutions America will be joining the Panel 1 on “Second generation QKDs and QRNGs: New products and market forecasts”.

Come and meet us there!

Speaker profile

Christopher Janes, Director of QKD solutions for the Americas, ID Quantique

Christopher Janes, Based in Boston, MA is the director of QKD solutions for the Americas region at ID Quantique.

He has a combined 24 years’ experience in the data communications sector including 13 years of cybersecurity. He has helped customers secure technologies from the endpoint to the cloud and beyond – most recently focused on next-generation quantum solutions.

Christopher Janes ID Quantique

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