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The Luxembourg Internet Days WEB Event 2020 will focus on Network Security & Cloud Security– Crisis Resistance, Management & Resilience.

What are the lessons to be learned from the COVID-19 crisis? How can increasing digital maturity and good internal preparation help to curb the effects of a crisis?

There has been a significant increase in cyberattacks in the wake of COVID-19, and hackers seek to exploit any vulnerability created by an increase in remote working and people’s fears with either phishing or DDoS attacks. No code of ethics hinders hackers (black hats), who go as far as to target sensitive healthcare infrastructures at a critical time like this!

This year’s Luxembourg Internet Days will focus on the means to limit the risks linked to “crisis” (cyber or related) and to explore solutions and ways to thwart them.

On November 18th at 10.25am, Olivier Pfeiffer from ID Quantique will join the panel on Quantum Technologies’s impact on cybersecurity.

ID Quantique is also animating a workshop with our partner ADVA. Join us on line at 11.50 am the same day!

More information on the event here: Luxembourg Internet Days

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