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Welcome to the latest edition of Photon Counting News; brought to you by IDQ, the world leader in quantum photonics. 

In our third edition of 2017, we bring you breaking news in the form of a press release on how IDQ is joining the Quantum space race.

Known for its robustness and ease of integration, our ID101 has been chosen for the PicSat Mission where scientists will be able to observe an upcoming planetary transit.

Finally this month, we are highlighting a recent Economist article that discusses quantum technology in its multiple forms – Here, There and Everywhere.

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ID Quantique Joins The Quantum Space Race

Jointly developed by IDQ and Altyn, the QuSat program will place a satellite in orbit, which will distribute secure keys across free-space to ground stations around the world.

By exchanging secure keys over free-space from an orbiting satellite, the QuSat project will remove the limitations on traditional QKD, bringing long-term data security to everyone. 

The project is now at the stage of the feasability study. IDQ and Altyn are currently looking for the right technical and strategic partners to jointly develop the solution and bring it to market. 


ID101 Miniature Detector Chosen for PicSat Mission

Next summer, scientists will be able to observe the upcoming planetary transit of Beta Pictoris b, an orbiting exoplanet, as it passes in front of its star.

PicSat is a nano-satellite designed to measure exoplanetary transits. The project, developed within the High Angular Resolution Astronomy group at LESIA, uses interferometric instrumentation, integrated optics and single-mode fibre filtering for the study of stellar environments.

The ID101 from ID Quantique was chosen for its robustness, ease of integration and compact dimensions.


Quantum Technology: Here, There and Everywhere

In this feature article, The Economist writes: “After decades as laboratory curiosities, some of quantum physics’ oddest effects are beginning to be put to use”.

As it explores the “weird and wonderful” world of quantum, The Economist notes that the technology has moved beyond theoretical laboratory work and into the real world of engineering.

It highlights innovations in quantum metrology, quantum communications, quantum computing and software applications, mentioning IDQ by name as a leader in the field.


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