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QCrypt 2024, 02 – 06 September, Vigo, Spain

QCrypt 2024 logo seen over Vigo, Spain

QCrypt is a premier conference that brings together students and researchers from around the world to share the latest breakthroughs in quantum cryptography.

This includes both theoretical and experimental advancements in secure communication and computation using quantum mechanical devices.

Visit our booth to discuss your projects with our team and see our latest products. We will also be giving a talk and presenting a poster.

Presentation: 28-pixel parallel SNSPDs with low jitter at high detection rates for high-speed quantum communication

Date: Monday, September 2nd 2024

Time: 10:30 AM CEST

Speaker: Lorenzo Stasi / Giovanni Resta, ID Quantique

Authors of the paper: Towsif Taher, Hugo Zbinden, Rob Thew from the University of Geneva, Switzerland and Giovanni Resta, Félix Bussières, Lorenzo Stasi from ID Quantique, Switzerland

Poster: Improving security and efficiency of key distribution in complex QKD networks

In complex QKD networks, the key exchange mechanism used (called key relaying) focuses on the point-to-point protection and enables the highest security level for this protection layer.

In this poster, our latest innovations in key exchange are presented. This includes several solutions to provide two layers of protection (point-to-point and end-to-end) combining different cryptographic technologies to guarantee for the user:

  • The full confidentiality of the global key exchange mechanism
  • A service continuity by improving the global key exchange rate
  • A range of optimization options considering performance and quantum-safe security

Join us to learn more about this innovative technology and its potential applications in the field of quantum optics. We look forward to connecting with fellow researchers and industry professionals at the event.

For more information, visit the QCrypt 2024 website:

Visit the official event website


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