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Organized by the Institute of Physics and IOP Publishing, in partnership with the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Quantum 2020 is bringing together the international quantum science community to learn, share and collaborate on the latest research and emerging areas of high interest.

Taking place over four days from Monday 19 to Thursday 22 October 2020, this virtual event brings together early career and established researchers from universities, industry, and government worldwide. The online format will have several benefits for participants, including improved accessibility, less personal disruption and an overall reduction in the carbon footprint for the conference.

The scientific program for Quantum 2020 is being guided by an international Advisory Committee made up of leading researchers from around the world.

There is no fee for this event, so if you’d like to register, click here.

Our co-founder of ID Quantique Nicolas Gisin will be part of the special panel session on “Quantum Technology and Industry”

Speaker profile

Nicolas Gisin is a Swiss physicist and professor at the University of Geneva working on quantum information and communication, as well as on the foundations of quantum mechanics. His work includes both experimental and theoretical physics. He contributed significant work on the fields of experimental quantum cryptography and long-distance quantum communication in standard telecom optical fibres. As a theoretician, Gisin has brought deep insights into quantum mechanics.

He is also the first to develop quantum information technology to such a level that it was for the first time possible to take it out of the lab and into the commercial world: he co-founded ID Quantique, a spin-off company which quickly developed into one of the world leaders in the field of quantum information and communication technologies.

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