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Welcome to QuEST: The latest quantum and cybersecurity news brought to you by ID Quantique.

As Quantum Randomness becomes the new standard  for ultra-secure transactions, we are proud to see the first application of our Quantis QRNG chip, which has been incorporated in the IM Bank mobile application, jointly developed by SK Telecom and DGB Daegu Bank. In addition, we will launch an ultra-secure messaging application soon,  please reach out to us if you wish more information.

In other quantum news, ETSI has published an update on the latest stage of development in the standardisation of Quantum-Safe Security. We share the latest report on migrating to a quantum safe cryptographic environment.

A year after its inception, our latest blog provides a perspective on the OpenQKD project and is available to view now.

Finally, we invite you to the Quantum Industry Day In Switzerland event. QIDIS20 is a virtual conference, taking place in October 2020.

Enjoy the reading and stay healthy!

Axel Foery

SK Telecom introduces ultra-secure IM Bank mobile application

On 21st August 2020, SK Telecom announced it is introducing the first mobile banking service app, called IM Bank, based on 5G quantum security technology.

The IM Bank app, developed in conjunction with DGB Daegu Bank, will allow customers to safely protect personal information when transferring money or when signing up and opening an account through ID authentication procedures. By encrypting the app’s digital one-time passwords and identity verification information with quantum random numbers, users will benefit from a new level of security.

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ETSI publishes report highlighting progress on the standardisation of Quantum-Safe Security

The QSC working group has published four technical reports in the past three years, three of which focus on specific QSC use cases.

In its latest publication, ETSI tackles the issues of successfully migrating to a quantum-safe cryptographic environment.

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A year into the OpenQKD project, we give our perspective on the work to date

OpenQKD is a public funded project that serves as a test balloon to demonstrate the maturity of QKD technology.

OpenQKD is one year into its proposed three year life cycle. In this blog we take a look at the highlights of the first year of this landmark European project.

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Quantum Industry Day In Switzerland, 02 October 2020

We invite you to join IDQ and some of our partners at the Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland (QIDiS) 2020.

In this virtual event, delegates should expect a rich program covering the disciplines of quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum instrumentation and quantum communication.

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