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Welcome to QuEST: The latest quantum and cybersecurity news brought to you by ID Quantique.

First and foremost, we hope that you and your family are well in these unusual times.

At IDQ, we’ve taken measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19. You can find out more and see how you can keep in touch with us here.

In this edition, we are excited to announce the launch of IDQ’s ultra-small QRNG chip, designed specifically to secure mobile, IoT and edge applications.

Next, we update you on our partnership with Mt Pelerin, as we start to test the Quantum Vault; a quantum-safe digital asset custody solution for financial institutions.

We go on to look at the most recent European Cyber Security Perspectives publication, which features an article from IDQ discussing quantum communication network applications.

Finally, we invite you to register for one of our training sessions at Black Hat USA 2020. ‘Towards Quantum-Safe Security’ will be delivered across two days by IDQ and EvolutionQ.

Enjoy the reading and stay healthy!

Axel Foery

IDQ launches ultra-small QRNG chip for mobile, IoT and edge applications

IDQ launches ultra-small QRNG chip for mobile, IoT and edge applications

The new Quantum Random Number Generator chip has been developed to secure mobile phones, IoT and handset applications, where its compact size and low power consumption are critical.

Mobile, IoT and edge applications today require the collection and transmission of more and more sensitive data including financial, health, business and personal information, raising the need for security to the edge. The Quantis QRNG Chip (IDQ250C2) will provide a true source of entropy that allows devices to send this information more securely.

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ID Quantique and Mt Pelerin start testing their quantum-safe digital asset custody solution in Geneva

IDQ & Mt Pelerin start testing quantum-safe digital asset custody

A QKD network has been deployed in Geneva as a testing environment for the Quantum Vault.

Part of the EU-funded OPENQKD, the Quantum Vault is an ultra-secure digital asset custody project designed by Mt Pelerin, in cooperation with ID Quantique, for financial institutions.

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European Cyber Security Perspectives 2020

European Cyber Security Perspectives 2020

The publication provides insights into recent developments in the field from renowned infosec professionals.

2020’s edition features an article from IDQ’s Jean-Sébastien Pegon and Bruno Huttner discussing quantum communication network applications.

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Black Hat USA 2020

Black Hat USA 2020: Trainings

Join us and EvolutionQ for one of our two-day training sessions on ‘Towards Quantum-Safe Security’.

Attendees will be equipped with the tools to assess, understand and answer the new threat of quantum computing. Two sessions are currently available: 1-2 and 3-4 August.

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