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Welcome to QuEST: The latest quantum and cybersecurity news brought to you by ID Quantique.

To begin this month, we are counting down to Inside Quantum Technology in May. As Platinum sponsor, ID Quantique will be participating in a number of live presentations including the opening Keynote on May 17th, as well as making some exciting announcements.

Since the turn of the millennium, there has been an alarming increase in the number of cyber attacks targeting critical infrastructure. Read our recent blog to understand the prevention methods that can be applied to secure critical infrastructure.

We have contributed to a report that reviews the current standardization and certification landscape of Quantum Key Distribution. As part of the OpenQKD project, the report provides a roadmap for future QKD standardization efforts, and is an important milestone for wide deployments of large scale QKD networks.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for video conference calls has been increasing, but many video platforms are vulnerable to hacks. Read our use case to learn how Seetalk Communications implemented a Quantum-enhanced crypto module combining IDQ’s Quantis QRNG chip with real-time video encryption technology from KCS.

XN Systems has developed a new Quantum-Safe VPN solution built on a standardized ETSI interface which is coupled with IDQ’s Clavis300 QKD platform. Read more about this joint solution.

At ID Quantique, we are well aware that Quantum technology has come a long way in the past 20 years. We would love to hear what YOU expect to happen as we enter the quantum age – please reply to share your thoughts!

Stay quantum curious.

Axel Foery

Quantum Era Security Times March 2021

Inside Quantum Technology (IQT) – Virtual Event – 17-20 May 2021

Join ID Quantique at the leading Quantum Technology business event! Don’t miss our opening Keynote Session at 8:55am on Monday, May 17th. We will also be participating in a number of panel sessions throughout the conference, and you can of course meet with the team at our virtual booth.

If you’re planning to attend, we have a number of free conference passes available! Contact us for details.

Quantum Era Security Times March 2021

Quantum protection for critical national infrastructure

Cyber security for critical infrastructure applications requires different layers of protection where strong state-of-the art data encryption represents the last line of defense.

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Quantum Era Security Times March 2021

ID Quantique contributes to latest OpenQKD review of current standardization landscape

This new report aims to improve awareness of the ongoing standardization processes so that industry entities can avoid contradictions in standards and focus on the areas that need definition.

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Quantum Era Security Times March 2021

XN Systems and ID Quantique partner to promote a Quantum-Safe VPN solution

XN Systems has developed and integrated IPSec VPN protocol with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), as an extra layer of security to provide long-term security for critical data transported over Virtual Private Networks.

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Seetalk Communications choose a quantum-enhanced crypto module for its new VoIP phones

Virtual event – 12-14 April 2021

Seetalk Communications chose a combination of a Quantum-enhanced crypto module with IDQ’s Quantis QRNG chip and real-time video encryption technology from KCS to provide stronger security for internal network telecommunication.

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Quantum Era Security Times March 2021

What do you expect for the next 20 years of Quantum technologies?

We’ve done a lot in 20 years at IDQ, from being considered crazy in 2001 to global leaders in 2020. We would love to hear your thoughts on the impact of quantum technologies in the future.

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