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Welcome to QuEST: The latest quantum and cybersecurity news brought to you by ID Quantique.

May has been an exciting month for ID Quantique with activities all over the world! At last week’s spectacular Inside Quantum Technology NY Conference, we launched the Cerberis XG 4th generation Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system. The XG is the first of a series, aiming at providing the highest level of trust to governments and enterprises for future proof data protection in smaller and optimized form factor, once and for all.

In South Korea, for the second year in a row, ID Quantique and SK Telecom have been selected to establish and operate a QKD pilot infrastructure across the country. This new Quantum Key Distribution pilot infrastructure project is a government-run project to enhance security in the public, medical, and industrial sectors.

ID Quantique CEO Grégoire Ribordy has been accepted into the Forbes Business Council, the foremost growth and networking organization for successful business owners and leaders worldwide. You can now read Grégoire’s first post for Forbes, “Big Data Security In A Post-Quantum World“.

The financial services sector faces some unique challenges in the digital age. The volume and sensitivity of transactional data makes the industry a key target for malicious attacks, and the nature of digital banking can leave financial institutions (and their customers) vulnerable. Read our latest blog to understand best practice security for the financial services facing the quantum threat.

Finally, we would like you to join our next webinar, where we will get deeper into the new Cerberis XG, IDQ’s 4th generation of QKD. We will also explore the technology of Quantum Key Distribution, its key applications, and some recent use cases. We look forward to seeing you there!

Stay quantum curious.

Axel Foery

Quantum Security Newsletter May 2021

Introducing IDQ’s 4th generation Quantum Key Distribution XG Series

Safety of current encryption methods, and especially of the key exchange mechanisms based on asymmetric cryptography, is a major concern today particularly for governments and enterprises which must protect data for five to ten years or more.

As a leading security solution provider since 2007, IDQ has commercialized Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems that generate and distribute provably secure keys, to safely encrypt data, once and for all. IDQ’s Cerberis XG is smaller (1U compact chassis), provides higher value, is easy to operate and it can easily interface with link encryptors from major vendors on the market.


Quantum Era Security Times May 2021

ID Quantique and SK Broadband expand the use of Quantum Key Distribution to protect critical information in South Korea

Building highly secure communication networks is a priority for the Korea Intelligence Information Society Agency (NIA) to enhance security in the public, medical, and industrial sectors.


Quantum Era Security Times May 2021

Grégoire Ribordy accepted into Forbes Business Council

The ID Quantique CEO will contribute industry expertise and diverse experience as well as sharing knowledge with the community. You can also read Gregoire’s first post on Forbes now.


Quantum Era Security Times May 2021

Best practice data security for financial services

Having embraced digital transformation, and as a carrier of highly valuable sensitive information and financial data, the Financial services sector is a particular target for cyber attacks. How can the industry prepare to protect itself in the quantum age?


Quantum Era Security Times May 2021

Webinar: Introducing IDQ’s 4th generation of Quantum Key Distribution: The Cerberis XG


IDQ’s Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems generate and distribute provably secure keys, to safely encrypt data, once and for all.​ Watch our webinar to learn how QKD could secure your organization.


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