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Welcome to QuEST: The latest quantum and cybersecurity news brought to you by ID Quantique.

This month ID Quantique and Korea Electric Power Research Institute (KEPCO) announced the establishment of a power communication network that features quantum cryptography (QKD). This is the first implementation of QKD on an optical ground wire to secure the network in Korea.

Why is entropy so critical in encryption? What makes quantum-generated keys better? Our recent blog looks at the role of randomness in creating powerful encryption keys to secure digital data.

At the recent Inside Quantum Technology Europe 2020 conference, ID Quantique’s Bruno Huttner and Axel Foery spoke on panels. Read our round up of the topics covered, from Quantum computing to Quantum Key Distribution and QRNG chipsets, and how these technologies will change the digital world.

Finally don’t miss the final webinar of the year: Quantum Technology’s impact on automotive V2X security. We will explore how QRNG can make vehicles safe in the quantum age.

Enjoy the articles and stay healthy!

Axel Foery

ID Quantique and KEPCO announce they have completed the construction of the first power communication network secured by quantum cryptography in Korea

Quantum Key Distribution is being used to secure a 40km section of network. Designed to prevent hacking or cyber-attacks, this is the first implementation of QKD on an optical ground wire.

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Quantum RNG: The Cornerstone of Security

We live in an increasingly connected world; one where data protection has become more than just a compliance issue.

Discover how adding a quantum twist to your crypto systems gives you an easy and painless head start in your organization’s journey to quantum security.

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Inside Quantum Technology 2020

How will Quantum Technology change the digital world?

Quantum computing has the power to change everything we take for granted in our digital world.

At the recent Inside Quantum Technology conference, we discussed the potential of QKD and QRNG to secure data for the future.

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QRNG Webinar 3

Webinar: Quantum Technology’s impact on automotive V2X security

December 10 – 4:00-4:45 PM

Automobiles increasingly use over-the-air communication to provide services to the consumer. In this webinar we’ll explore how QRNG is making vehicles safe in the quantum age.

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