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Welcome to QuEST: The latest quantum and cybersecurity news brought to you by ID Quantique.

In this issue, ID Quantique announce they have been selected, alongside our partner SK Broadband, for the construction of the first nationwide QKD network in South Korea. With a section of up to 2000 kilometers, it will become the world’s largest operational QKD network outside China.

We also recently announced ID Quantique was partnering with KCS, a maker of IoT security cryptographic chips, to expand the market for quantum cryptographic applications in IoT devices and video security.

In other news, ID Quantique celebrates its 19th birthday by looking back over two decades of innovation and forward to what is set to be a thrilling decade for quantum technologies.

If you haven’t signed up already, check out our forthcoming webinar series, covering such diverse topics as Mobile Phone Security, IoT Security, Automotive V2X Security and Power Grids Security.

Finally, the month ahead is a busy one for virtual events. Don’t forget to join us at the Luxembourg Internet Days WEB Event 2020, taking place from 17-19th November.

Enjoy the articles and stay healthy!

Axel Foery

ID Quantique and SK Broadband to collaborate on the first nationwide QKD network in South Korea

The two companies have been chosen to secure the communications network of 48 government organisations across the country, including the Ministries of Education, Employment & Labour and Economy & Finance.

The National Convergence Network Project is a high profile initiative, promoted by the South Korean Ministry of the Interior and Safety. It is designed to strengthen security and increase the operational efficiency of national institutions and will constitute the largest QKD network in the world, outside of China.

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IDQ partners with KCS to improve IoT and video security

The two companies have announced an initiative to expand the market for quantum cryptographic applications in IoT devices and video security.

Development of a solution featuring IDQ’s QRNG chip and KCS’s video encryption chip is expected by the end of the year.

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IDQ celebrates its 19th anniversary

Celebrating ID Quantique’s 19th Anniversary

We take a look back over 19 years of innovation and what lies ahead for the quantum technology market.

Founded in October 2001, IDQ has been at the forefront of quantum innovation for nearly two decades.

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Webinar Series: Sign up now for our forthcoming events

The end of the year is a busy time with 4 industry-specific webinars scheduled.
Discover how quantum technology is being used to enhance security for:

  • mobile communications
  • IoT devices
  • automotive/V2X applications
  • power grids

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Luxembourg Internet Days WEB Event 2020

Virtual Event – 17-19 November 2020

Join us at this virtual event, focusing on Network Security and Cloud Security– Crisis Resistance, Management and Resilience.

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