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Welcome to Quantum Sensing News: The latest Quantum Sensing and Single-Photon Systems updates brought to you by ID Quantique.

We begin by thanking you for attending our first webinar on mastering photonics at the single-photon level. If you missed it, the recorded video is available here.

We remind you to join us at 4pm CEST on April 30 for the next webinar in our series: Defining Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detector (SNSPD) performance. We also invite you to join our next webinar, all about the features and functions of the new ID900 Time Controller Series, at 4pm CEST on May 13.

We go on to share our latest use case, in which an ID900 Time Controller was successfully demonstrated dispersion insensitive PC-OTDR for long-haul fibre links.

Finally, we are happy to announce our ID900 Time Controller is now available in three versions. You can view our new video, which explains the different specifications of each model, and download our tutorials.

Enjoy the reading and stay healthy!

Marc Niklès

Use Case Dispersion independent photon counting OTDR design with the ID900 Time Controller

Use Case: Dispersion independent photon counting OTDR design with the ID900 Time Controller

The Information and Quantum Laboratories at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China conducted a successful demonstration of dispersion insensitive photon counting OTDR (PC-OTDR) for long-haul fibre links.

The lab needed single-photon detection at very high count rates without saturation, achieving this using an ID900-Master Time Controller to detect up to 100 Mcps per channel with a 100ps timing resolution.

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ID900 Time Controller Series

ID900 Time Controller series is now available in three versions

Discover our versatile and scalable series of instruments.

The ID900 Time Controller is now available in three versions (MASTER, TCSPC, DG) offering affordable solutions tailored to each application with different add-on functionalities, which can all be remotely implemented upon customer request.

Watch our video and new tutorials.

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IDQ launches new quantum sensing webinar series

Join our quantum sensing webinar series

Save the date for two new webinars on our SNSPDs and Time Controller.

On 30 April, you will learn how we characterise our detectors, their importance, and how the technology can be tailored to achieve specific performance criteria. On 13 May, discover how the ID900 Time Controller can be used to drive experiments of many different types.

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Defining SNSPD performance

Webinar: Defining SNSPD Performance

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Discover the ID900 Time Controller- Versions, Capabilities and Uses

Webinar: Discover ID900 Time Controller Series

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