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Welcome to Quantum Sensing News:
The latest Quantum Sensing and Single-Photon Systems updates brought to you by ID Quantique.

In recent news, the group of Hugues de Riedmatten at ICFO Barcelona have been using a set of ID281 superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors in their research efforts. You can find out more about their work in our Quantum Optics Use Case.

We present some of our latest quantum sensing products which are displayed on our brand new products page.

Join our colleague Félix Bussières, on 21 September, as he discusses the outlook for the quantum technology field: using ultraprecise and sensitive single-photon-counting solutions to enable the expanding horizon of scientific discovery.

Myself and Florian Fröwis will join the ECOC 2021 conference. Florian will be part of a workshop that brings together contributors from component manufacturing, system integration, network operators and end-users to discuss the fast-moving field of QKD.

Meet us at Booth #505 of SPIE Photonex + Vacuum Technologies event in Glasgow running September 28 – 30. The event will be covering a range of topics including the latest research in photonics, biophotonics, quantum technologies and lasers. We hope to see you there!

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Marc Niklès

EVP Quantum Sensing, ID Quantique

Redefining Measurement: Towards a Quantum Internet

The ability to distribute entanglement across a quantum network is of paramount importance in a future-proof quantum internet. In building quantum communication channels, it would help to extend the channels’ range through quantum repeater technology. Researchers at the ICFO have made a breakthrough, which we outline in our quantum optics use case.


UPCOMING Quantum Sensing Products

ID Quantique offers a range of quantum sensing products and solutions. We’ve recently updated our Quantum Sensing Products page with new IDQ offerings. Keep an eye out for updates as we continue to expand our range.


Expanding Quantum Frontiers with Superconducting SPDs

Join our colleague Félix Bussières Ph.D., on 21st Sept, for an exploration into the technology of superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors — optical detectors with incredible efficiency and speed across the visible, IR, and fiber-telecom wavelengths.


ECOC 2021, Bordeaux, France 13-16 Sept

Our colleague Florian Fröwis will be part of the workshop “Optical communications beyond 2020: Are we ready for the quantum age?” at ECOC 2021, which will explore QKD system design, QKD device implementation based on photonic integrated circuits and more.


Photonex + Vacuum Technologies 2021, Glasgow, UK 28-30 Sept

Join us at Booth #505 of the Photonex + Vacuum Technologies event in Glasgow to discuss the latest in photonics, quantum technologies, materials analysis, nanotechnology, thin film coatings vacuum equipment and in-vacuum technologies.


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