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ID210 Infrared Single-Photon Detector

Advanced system for single-photon detection with 100 MHz gated mode and free-running mode

  • Free-running & gated up to 100 MHz
  • 30% quantum efficiency
  • Low dark count rate
  • Adjustable parameters on screen

The ID210 brings a major breakthrough for single photon detection at telecom wavelengths. Its performance in high-speed gating at internal or external frequencies up to 100 MHz far surpasses the performance of existing detectors and of its predecessor, the ID200-ID201, which has been used by researchers around the globe since it was first launched in 2002. Photons can be detected with probability up to 25% at 1550 nm while maintaining low dark count. A timing resolution lower than 200 ps can be achieved.

The ID210 provides adjustable delays, adjustable gate duration from 0.5 ns to 25 ns and adjustable deadtime up to 100 us. For applications requiring an asynchronous detection scheme, the ID210 can operate in free-running mode with detection probability up to 10%.

Beside performance, particular attention has been paid to providing a practical user interface, universal compatibility with scientific equipment, application-oriented functionalities including statistics and coincidence counting.

Built around an advanced embedded-PC and FPGA, the ID210 allows remote control, connection of external screen and keyboard, data export on USB key and setups saving. The detector is available with singlemode or multimode input.


  • Multifunctional graphical display
  • Two-channel auxiliary event counter
  • Auxiliary coincidence counter
  • Real-time statistics
  • Data export via USB memory drive
  • Remote control via Ethernet or USB (through Ethernet to USB adapter)
  • Quantum optics
  • Quantum cryptography
  • Singlet oxygen
  • Fiber optics measurement
  • Spectroscopy
  • Eye safe Lidar
  • Fluorescence lifetime