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QuApps, Virtual Conference, 6-7 December

QuApps offers a series of events online to present and discuss relevant applications, material properties and processing technologies for quantum applications – from a technical and business perspective.

This year, speakers at the QuApps2022 conference will again supply insight into a wide range of topics, highlighting the technological potential of quantum technology. Topics related to applications where commercial maturity of products is imminent, such as medical technology, automotive industry, and quantum computing, are the focus this year. But experts will also address security-related topics such as cryptography, communication, or the patent system.

IDQ at the event:

IDQ will join the Quantum Security & Communication Session at 1:25 PM on December 6.
Join Axel Foery’s talk at 1:50 PM on: Quantum Technology – recent use cases and outlook.


More information on the event here: QuApps – International Conference on Applications of Quantum Technologies (quapps-conference.com)



Axel Foery IDQAxel Foery

Mr. Axel Foery joined ID Quantique in February 2020 bringing a deep experience in the IT, telecommunications and security fields. He started his career in the telecommunications market working for Deutsche Telekom, Nokia and later Cisco where he built the IP Infrastructure we everyday use. During 16 years at Cisco, he successfully held leadership roles throughout Europe and was responsible for the launch of new technologies and go-to-market approaches for major global markets and verticals.

After working at Cisco, Axel became the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Keymile, a Swiss and German network infrastructure vendor, serving the Energy, Railway, Authority and Carrier markets.. There, he implemented a new company strategy focusing on the mission-critical market. To cover the strong security needs of this market, he drove the joint development of a new product with IDQ (ID Quantique) and Keymile/ABB in 2016. Later, he moved into the Utility market to build the Global B2B Solution Business GTM for E.ON, a major European Utility company. Before joining ID Quantique, Axel was a strategic technology advisor in different Private Equity investments.

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