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Welcome to the latest edition of the Quantum Era Security Times, brought to you by ID Quantique, the world leader in quantum-safe cryptography solutions.

In the first of our quarterly updates, we look at the latest news and developments that have made the headlines in the quantum computing industry throughout Q1 of 2019.

We then explore the guidance that executives are being offered to help them prepare their organisations for the quantum age, which includes implementing quantum-secure cybersecurity.

As new research is released, to which ID Quantique has contributed, we look at the current status of quantum technologies advancements in France as the country drives investment in the industry.

Finally, we invite you to save the date for the 2019 Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland. The event will take place in Zurich on 4 October and registrations will open shortly.

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quantum computing industry review Q1 2019

Quantum Computing Industry Review: Q1 2019

After the quantum computing market continued to make great strides in 2018, we review the news and developments that have hit the headlines in the first quarter of 2019.

The quantum computing market is growing. Fast. A combination of regular developments, exciting announcements and increasing media coverage shows that the technology is moving out of the theoretical and into the practical. Here are some of the developments we’ve seen so far this year.

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Business leaders offered guidance on quantum-secure cybersecurity

Business leaders offered guidance on quantum-secure cybersecurity

The Hudson Institute raises quantum awareness by equipping CEOs, CIOs and fellow executives with the knowledge they need to address the quantum threat to their organisation.

The profile of quantum computing has been rising exponentially thanks to step changes in the technology. However, knowledge around the subject remains scarce at an executive level. A new guide answers nine key questions to help executives ensure that data is protected the quantum age.

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France drives investment and development in quantum technologies

France drives investment and development in quantum technologies

New research highlights the current status on quantum technologies advancements, as well as the worldwide and French public and private initiatives.

A scientific note on quantum technologies, to which IDQ contributed, has revealed France’s significant investment in quantum initiatives as the country looks to commit to the second quantum revolution. Additionally, a new white paper recommends using quantum cryptography in the finance industry.

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Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland

Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland 2019: Save the date!

Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland is back for 2019. Join us and fellow industry experts, alongside your peers, in Zurich on Friday 4 October.

Co-organised by ID Quantique and partners, the event gathers key stakeholders from the worlds of academia and industrial R&D to foster an exchange of ideas and accelerate the development of new quantum products. Once again you can expect a rich programme, covering the areas of quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum instrumentation and quantum communication.

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