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Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of the Quantum Era Security Times; brought to you by IDQ, the world leaders in quantum-safe cryptography solutions. 

As Europe basks in the summer sun, we’ve kept the August edition light.

Earlier this month, the Quantum Space Race took a big leap forward when the Chinese launched a satellite specifically design for secure quantum communications.

We’ve been shortlisted for an EU Innovation Radar Prize and we’d love you to visit the awards site and vote for us.

Finally this month, we look forward to some Key Events we will be attending across Europe and the rest of the world in the autumn.

Best regards,

Gregoire Ribordy

The Quantum Space Race Begins

China has officially kicked off the quantum space race, becoming the first country to launch a satellite designed for highly secure quantum communications.

Although China have stolen a march on the rest of the world, the US and Europe are not far behind. Free Space QKD was pioneered in the US as far back as 2002.

The Chinese satellite is designed to hold a low-earth orbit at an altitude of 500km, but European scientists are already working on plans for a geostationary satellite capable of quantum communication over a much greater distance.


Innovation Radar Prize 2016

The ID120, our visible single-photon detector with more than 80% efficiency, has been nominated as a candidate in the EUs Innovation Radar Prize.

The ID120 is one of our leading photon counting devices and plays a key role in experiments for multi-photon entanglement, quantum memories and free-space quantum-key distribution.

Throughout August, there is a public vote available on the awards site. Please take a moment to visit the Innovation Radar website and vote for IDQ. Thank you.


Future Events: Europe and North America

August may have been a quiet time for events, but we will more than make up for it in September as we hit the road across Europe and North America.

Throughout September, IDQ will be attending a series of high-profile events:

From 12th-16th September we will be in Washington, USA, for QCrypt – the 6th International Conference on Quantum Cryptography – where Gregoire Ribordy will be discussing the future of quantum crypto.

Still in the US, we will be at the Privacy, Security, Risk Conference on 15th-16th September in San Jose. Here we will discuss the threat of quantum computing to data security, under the auspices of the Cloud Security Alliance.

We are delighted to announce our sponsorship of DIGS Data Center Day, 15th September in Berne, dedicated to the Future of Cloud and Data Center Security.

We conclude our North American adventure at the ETSI/IQC Workshop on Quantum-Safe Cryptography,19th-21st September in Toronto, Canada.


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