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Welcome to the latest edition of the Quantum Era Security Times; brought to you by IDQ, the world leader in quantum-safe cryptography solutions. 

In our second edition of 2017, we offer you a chance to review the latest white paper from the Cloud Security Alliance: Applied Quantum-Safe Security.

We also have a copy of the recent technical paper from ATOS, highlighting the potential impact of Quantum Technologies in the Financial Services Sector.

In other news, D-Wave recently announced the first customer for its new 2000Q Quantum Computer and we take a look at the Intermediate Report from the Quantum Technologies Flagship High-Level Expert Group.

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CSA White Paper: Applied Quantum-Safe Security

This paper from the Cloud Security Alliance profiles two of the principal quantum-safe security technologies: Quantum-Resistant Algorithms and Quantum Key Distribution.

Today, a significant portion of the security community is not familiar with quantum-safe cryptography and QKD. It is important that the IT industry begins to develop “quantum risk-management plans” for an orderly transition to a fully quantum-safe security infrastructure.


ATOS Paper: Quantum Finance Opportunities

Quantum-related technologies have the potential to disrupt a wide range of IT applications. In this paper, ATOS explores the potential impact on the Financial Services sector.

While this paper focuses on the benefits that quantum technology could bring to the finance sector, the potential applications are very much broader. Many of the technologies we take for granted may be directly impacted by the emergence of quantum technology.


Quantum Flagship Intermediate Report

A few days ago, the Intermediate Report from the Quantum Technologies Flagship High-Level Expert Group was handed over to the European Commission.

The QT Flagship initiative aims to place Europe at the forefront of the second quantum revolution now unfolding worldwide, bringing transformative advances to science, industry and society.


D-Wave 2000Q™ Quantum Computer

D-Wave, a pioneer in the development of quantum computing systems and software has announced the general commercial availability of the D-Wave 2000Q™ quantum computer.

With 2000 qubits, the new system can solve larger problems than was previously possible, providing a big step forward in applications for optimisation, modelling, cybersecurity, machine learning and sampling.


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