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Welcome to the latest edition of the Quantum Era Security Times; brought to you by IDQ, the world leader in quantum-safe cryptography solutions.

This month we review a use case entitled Improving Randomness to Prevent Weak Keys in which a Nordic-based IT company employs IDQ’s Quantis Appliance as a source of truly random numbers in data centers.

Talking about the Quantis Appliance, we are delighted to announce we have added even more high-performance features in the latest firmware release.

In other news, if you missed our joint webinar with Gemalto: The Quantum Threat Conundrum, it is now available to download on demand.

Finally, Chinese researchers have made a quantum communications breakthrough. by successfully distributing entangled photons between satellite and terrestrial base stations 1,200km apart.

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Grégoire Ribordy

Improving randomness to prevent weak keys

A Nordic-based IT company, operating in the finance and government sectors, has chosen IDQ’s Quantis Appliance as a source of random numbers to improve the security of its Public Key infrastructure.

In order to guarantee safe access to customers’ remote applications in the data center, the company needed to implement a better source of random numbers for its cryptography solutions.

Explore the Quantis Appliance Use Case

IDQ adds more features to the Quantis Appliance

After the successful launch of our Quantis Appliance last year, we have added more outstanding features to our high performance and easy-to-manage appliance.

IDQ is proud to announce that new software features have been developed to fulfill the requirements of customers in the data center, security, gaming and government sectors.

New features include: monitoring the entropy pool in the Linux kernel and injecting quantum randomness to establish secure SSL connections; plus, seeding Hardware Security Modules with true random numbers to improve the trust in crypto functions. 

Discover more about the new Quantis Appliance

The Quantum Conundrum: Gemalto/IDQ webinar

Originally held on 19th June 2017, the aim of this webinar is to help security professionals understand quantum-safe cryptography, the impact of quantum computing on security and how to implement quantum-safe solutions.

Stan Mesceda from Gemalto along with Bruno Huttner and Gilles Trachsel from ID Quantique discuss:

  • What quantum computing is and how it affects security
  • Quantum cryptography in action
  • Quantum-safe solutions at a glance
  • Future developments of quantum cryptography
Watch the webinar on demand here

Chinese scientists make quantum breakthrough

China’s quantum satellite has produced its first successful result. Researchers have managed to distribute entangled photons to terrestrial base station over 1,200km apart.

The result is an important breakthrough that establishes China as a pioneer in efforts to harness the enigmatic properties of matter and energy at the sub-atomic level. Find out what ID Quantique’s Gregoire Ribordy had to say about the achievement.

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