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Welcome to the latest edition of the Quantum Era Security Times, brought to you by ID Quantique, the world leader in quantum-safe cryptography solutions.

In this edition, we showcase our quantum-safe security solutions for V2X ecosystems, which are becoming ever more important as we move closer to both autonomous vehicles and the quantum era.

You can also explore our latest white paper, which analyses the impact of quantum technologies on the future V2X ecosystem and discusses how the automotive industry can prepare itself to face this evolving threat landscape.

Next, we are pleased to announce that IDQ has been selected to receive funding from the European Union as part of OPENQKD; a pan-European secure quantum communication infrastructure project.

Finally, we discuss the latest news and developments in our Q3 quantum computing industry review; from claims of quantum supremacy and QRNG standardisation to more powerful systems.

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Quantum-Safe Security Solutions for V2X Ecosystems

Quantum-Safe Security Solutions for V2X Ecosystems

As vehicles move towards a connected ecosystem, the automotive industry must protect itself against an evolving threat landscape and the impending quantum age.

IDQ’s range of quantum-safe security solutions are specifically designed to secure V2X ecosystems against existing and emerging threats, including those posed by quantum computing. Our new application page shows you how.

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White Paper: The impact of quantum technologies on the future V2X ecosystem

Our latest white paper explores why the automotive industry should protect itself by increasing security as we move towards the quantum era.

The automotive industry is in a major transition to connect, automate and electrify vehicles, and to offer Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). This requires the use of a V2X ecosystem, where data is transmitted on-demand between data centres, the vehicle sensors and the vehicle controllers using high performance networks.

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ID Quantique selected as part of OPENQKD project

The three-year European research project, named OPENQKD for Open Quantum Key Distribution, will install test quantum communication infrastructures in several European countries.

IDQ joins 37 organisations, including a further three from Switzerland, in receiving funding from the European Union. We will be involved with four use cases with our Swiss partners: Quantum Vault, Smart Grid, Secured Datacenter Replication and Encryption for Long Term Storage.

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Quantum Computing industry review Q3 2019

Quantum Computing Industry Review: Q3 2019

From claims of quantum supremacy and QRNG standardisation to more powerful systems and spooky action, the third quarter of 2019 has seen further strides in the quantum computing industry.

After the first half of the year gave us much to talk about, we look at the news stories that have set the tone for the second half.

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