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Re-opening of Laser shows in China and Russia


In some parts of the world, clients are experiencing physical events, conferences and exhibitions again. It is good to see our exclusive distributors Dyna-Sense Photonics (China) and LLS SC (Russia) having physical exhibitions, respectively at Laser World of Photonics China and Photonics Russia last month.

Among 79,453 participants, the teams of our partner Dyna-Sense in China had this chance and were present at Laser World of Photonics in Shanghai, with a remarkable booth, showcasing IDQ’s latest technology!

Headquartered in Beijing, Dyna-Sense is a specialist in advanced physics spectroscopy, physical Imaging, single photon counting and other applications related to optics. With more than 30 employees in 7 offices spread all over China, Dyna-Sense ensures ID Quantique’s vision to lead and scale Quantum Sensing solutions.

In an interview with the Shanghai TV Oriental Finance Channel, Li Tao, Vice-General manager of Dyna-Sense said:

“We are distributors of IDQ’s single photon detection system, Semrock’s filters, and Cobolt’s lasers. Over the past 17 years, we have always been committed to bringing excellent foreign optoelectronic products to China, hoping to provide a modest contribution to China’s scientific research.”

In Russia too, conferences and physical exhibitions are back to “normal” again. The Exhibition “Photonics” is the 16th International Specialized Exhibition for Optical, Laser and Optoelectronic Technologies, where almost 10,000 people gathered. Our partner LLS SC, a developer and distributor of laser-optical equipment and sensing components, run a showcase at the event! This young and dynamic company, headquartered in St Petersburg, is part of the ITMO university’s Technopark (St Petersburg) and keeps a close relation to the academic network.

Every year their marketing team collaborates with three of the most popular Russian scientific journals “Photonics”, “Photon-Express” and “Rhythm of Machinery” which are distributed among the target audience by subscription and at events. In parallel, LLS SC is dedicated to participating to conferences and exhibitions on a monthly base.

We thank these 2 partners for their exceptional support over the Covid 19 pandemic.

Dyna-Sense at Laser World of Photonics in Shanghai

LLS SC at Photonics, St Petersberg



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