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Date: June 4 2020, 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM CEST

Join us on June 4, 4pm CEST to discover how single-photon OTDR is being used to test and verify the Ariane 6 fiber network prior to launch.

The Ariane 6 will be the first space launcher ever to use lasers and fiber optics for the control of critical flight phases such as ignition, separation, passivation and neutralisation.

This breakthrough innovation is made possible by the use of opto-pyrotechnic instead of the conventional electro-pyrotechnic and will help to achieve the 40% to 50% production costs objective compared to Ariane5 space launchers.

ID Quantique was selected by ArianeGroup to design and manufacture the Test & Measurement and Ground Support Equipment, which enables a complete and automatic verification of the entire optopyro sub-system performance prior to each launch.

You will learn about how the single-photon OTDR technique is used to monitor the 82 opto-pyro channels and 8 km fibre optic network of Ariane 6 space launcher with cm spatial resolution in about one minute.


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