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ID150 Visible 8 Channel SPAD

Miniature 8-channel photon counter for OEM applications

  • Free-running
  • 35% quantum efficiency
  • Low dark count rate
  • 8 channels

Intended for large-volume OEM applications, the ID150-1×8 is the only multichannel solid-state single photon detector on the market. It consists of a CMOS silicon chip packaged in a standard TO8-16pin header with a transparent window cap.

The chip combines 8 in-line single photon avalanche diodes that can be accessed simultaneously for parallel processing. A fast active quenching circuit is integrated within each pixel in order to operate each diode in photon counting regime; leading to a dead time of less than 50 ns per channel. An outstanding timing resolution of less than 60 ps allows high accuracy measurements.

The chip is mounted on a printed circuit board on top of a single-stage thermoelectric cooler (TEC). A thermistor can be used to measure the temperature of the chip. Only two low power supplies of +5 V and -25 V are needed for operation in photon counting mode. The ID150 exhibits no crosstalk and is not affected by strong illumination.


  • Peak photon detection at 500 nm
  • Reliability of CMOS technology
  • Compact in TO header
  • Low bias voltages (+5 V and -25 V)
  • Fast Active Quenching Circuit
  • High throughput single molecule detection
  • Parallel DNA sequencing
  • Fluorescence and luminescence detection
  • Multi-channel time correlated photon counting
  • Serial single molecule detection
  • Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
  • Decay time measurements
  • Flow cytometry
  • Spectrophotometry
  • LIDAR, optical range finding
  • Quantum optics, quantum cryptography
  • Optical time domain reflectometry