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Time Controller Series

All-in-one time-tagging, coincidence correlation and delay/pulse generation

  • All-in-one time-tagger & pulse generator
  • Multi-device synchronisation for over 64 input channels
  • Precise timing: 1 ps resolution
  • Real-time four-fold coincidence filtering
ID Quantique’s Time Controller Series: a unifying force for your single-photon experiments and applications. Count more, post-process less and react faster to single-photon experiments, with this all-in-one time-tagging, coincidence correlation and delay/pulse generation system.

With the ID900 Time Controller, and its more advanced cousin the ID1000 Time Controller, observe detection rates for up to five single-photon detectors, generate up to four coincidence histograms between any pair of connected detectors or trigger signals, and record every arrival time for an exceptionally high number of detected photons, all with picosecond precision.

Beyond measurement, Time Controller Series devices are also a delay/pulse generator. With four output channels of customizable and conditional pulses, you can control and react to your experiment and single-photon detectors in real time, such as providing the gating signal for up to four ID Qube NIR Gated detectors.

Preparing for advanced single-photon applications such as scalable photonic quantum computing, the Time Controller Series includes sophisticated internal processing for real-time conditional filtering to your coincidence measurements. With this, you can directly record three- or four-fold coincidences without the need for any data post-processing or post-selection.

Simpler than ever to use and integrate into your laboratory, Time Controller Series devices come with a new-and improved suite of LabView virtual instruments and Python scripts, and are available in a number of functional configurations tuned to your needs.

Get the most out of your photonic experiments and applications with the Time Controller Series today.

  • QKD and quantum communication
  • Quantum optics and computing
  • Single-photon source characterisation
  • Fluorescence lifetime measurements
  • Failure analysis of integrated circuits
  • VIS, NIR and MIR spectroscopy
  • Time correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC)
  • OTDR
  • Material science
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