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Only Quantum Random Number Generators are intrinsically random and provably unpredictable

Designed for any application that uses cryptography or requires unpredictable randomness, the Quantis QRNG family exploits simple optical process to generate perfect randomness. It relies on elementary components that can be easily controlled and monitored to ensure the random bits generated are always unpredictable.

Quantis products exist in several form factors, from chips to appliance, and are certified market leaders in cost-effectiveness, security of the entropy source and reliability.

Quantis QRNG PCIe New Generation

  • Based on latest Quantis QRNG technology (IDQ20MC1 chip)
  • 40 Mbps and 240 Mbps entropy source
  • Embedded NIST 800-90 A/B/C compliant DRBG
  • Health monitoring and failure detection mechanism at chip level
  • Easy integration with Quantis Software & compatible with other Quantis PCIe and USB
Product Details

Quantis QRNG Chip

  • Three models for different use cases
  • Intrinsically and provably random
  • Instant full entropy from the first bit
  • Secured and controlled: low risk of silent “break”
  • Certified robustness: AEC-Q100 automotive certification
  • Compliant to the Standard NIST 800-90A/B/C
Product Details

Quantis QRNG PCIe & USB Legacy

  • Certified by well-known international institutes and governments worldwide
  • 4 Mbps and 16 Mbps entropy data rate
  • Live monitoring and failure detection mechanism
  • Scaling option and configurable random extraction
Product Details

Quantis Appliance 2.0

  • Trusted source of quantum randomness
  • Distributed architecture to support multiple applications simultaneously
  • Seamless integration in any network or security solution
  • Simple, web-based configuration and management
  • Live status verification & health check output
Product Details
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