True random number generation exploiting quantum physics

Quantis is a family of hardware random number generators (RNG) which exploit elementary quantum optical processes as a source of true randomness (cf. Wikipedia: physical phenomena with quantum random properties). Photons (light particles) are sent, one by one, onto a semi-transparent mirror and detected. The exclusive events (reflection or transmission) are associated to “0” or “1” bit values. Such quantum processes provide instantaneous and inexhaustible entropy.

The operation of Quantis QRNG is continuously monitored to ensure immediate detection of failure and, if needed, disabling of the random bit stream.

The Quantis range of products is available in several form factors.

Quantis Random Number Generator

  • True hardware random number generator (RNG)
  • Trusted and certified source of quantum randomness
  • Continuous status check and failure detection mechanism
  • Instant entropy, scalable for different applications
  • Advanced functionalities such as scaling and randomness extraction
Product Details

Quantis QRNG Chip

  • Three models for different use cases
  • Intrinsically and provably random
  • Instant full entropy from the first bit
  • Robust and controlled: low risk of silent “break”
  • Compliant to the Standard NIST 800-90A/B/C
Product Details

Quantis Appliance

  • Trusted and certified source of quantum randomness
  • Distributed architecture to support multiple applications simultaneously
  • Linux kernel pool entropy feeder and HSM entropy injector
  • Designed for Data Centre / IT / Telecom environments
  • Simple, web-based configuration and management
Product Details

Quantis AIS 31 validated RNG

  • True quantum randomness (validated to AIS31 methodology)
  • The most certified quantum RNG on the market
  • Resistent against systematic attacks on the QRNG output
  • Guaranteed, high level of entropy
  • Statistical tests of the raw random numbers with cryptographic post-processing
Product Details

Quantis RNG OEM component

  • Highly resilient to environmental perturbations
  • Designed for mounting on PCB for embedded systems
  • Instant entropy with high bit-rate of 4Mbits/sec
  • Affordable, compact and reliable
  • Uses quantum optic process to create true quantum randomness
Product Details
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