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Banking and financial institutions solutions

Banks and financial institutes have some of the most demanding industry IT requirements. They need to ensure real-time availability of data for banking transactions and applications, while at the same time protecting sensitive client and proprietary information. In addition, they are subject to increasing levels of ever more stringent compliance and regulatory requirements. Matters become even more complicated during mergers or acquisitions when disparate and often incompatible IT systems and networks all need to be secured.

Thanks to IDQ, banks can implement a single company-wide encryption solution which allows them to remotely provision and manage their global WAN as securely and easily as their local LAN or data centre connections.

Encryption of high throughput multi-protocol data center traffic of up to 100Gbps is supported, as well as fully meshed wide area networks on a global scale. Full network performance is maintained so that core banking applications may be accessed remotely from branch offices without delay or latency.


Low latency solutions for optimum network performance

  • High performance network encryption with certified randomness source for encryption keys
  • Quantum cryptography for QKD
  • Quantum key generation platform for highly secure crypto-operations
  • Proven Swiss security
  • Uncompromisingly high performance
  • Full range of interoperable encryptors for company-wide encryption


Network encryption

The Centauris network encryption platform offers any installation and “set & forget” functioning to ensure that the encryption does not place an additional burden on the network team. In addition, state-of-the-art security features meet even the most stringent regulatory requirements. FIPS and Common Criteria level security certifications ensure both physical protection of the appliance as well as best-practice encryption key management processes and access controls.

Separation of duties and other security policies can be applied and enforced through the management interface – for example there can be a separation of roles between the network and security teams, or the network management of the encryptors can even be outsourced to a third-party service provider while the bank retains control of their encryption keys, security policies and proprietary data.

IDQ works with banking clients and financial institutions on a global scale, securing everything from their SAN connections with the data recovery center, to their campus networks for real-time trading and transactional data exchange, to core banking applications and video conferencing over their wide area networks.

IDQ encryption solutions allow banks and financial institutions to comply with government and industry regulatory requirements on data protection while maintaining network manageability and cost-effective security.


Quantum random number generation

IDQ’s quantum random number generators (QRNG) offer high quality entropy for use in highly secure crypto operations and banking solutions requiring proven and certified randomness

At the heart of the key generation is the Quantis quantum random number generator (QRNG) which has passed numerous government certifications and is validated under AIS 31 testing. These QRNG’s are used to ensure truly random encryption keys for use in IDQ’s encryptors. They also generate keys or tokens for other security applications and crypto operations, such as authentication, digital signatures, secure access control, etc.

The Quantis Appliance provides distributed randomness-as-a-service for use in security applications, as well as in financial simulations (such as Monte Carlo simulations).


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