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Clavis300 Quantum Cryptography Platform

Integrated QKD & LEA Encryption System

  • Embedded LEA encryptor
  • Long distance QKD and key relays
  • Modular solution to test multiple configurations
  • User-friendly graphical interface for technology evaluation

Quantum Key Distribution

The post-quantum era has begun, where cryptographic methods must be resilient to attacks by a quantum computer. Data with long term sensitivity is at risk of being intercepted now, stored for future use, and decrypted in a few years when multi-purpose quantum computers will be implemented and able to easily break existing public-key cryptography.

A solution to this threat is Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), a technology that exploits a fundamental principle of quantum physics – observation causes perturbation – to exchange cryptographic keys over optical fibre networks with provable security. QKD is safe against both conventional and future quantum computer-based attacks. It is the cornerstone of a true quantum-safe solution today.

The Clavis300 is a complete modular cryptographic solution that performs QKD and LEA encryption as an option. It is ideal for investigating and testing quantum cryptography different network configurations, such as point-to-point or with intermediate relay nodes.

The Clavis300

The Clavis300 generates and distributes keys, providing more than 10 kb/s secure key bit generation rate at 10 dB link loss. For a standard system, the maximum link loss is 18 dB, which corresponds to about 70 km in distance, depending on fibre quality. A premium system offers up to 24 dB loss (depending on availability). The key refresh rate can be adjusted by an administrator.

As an option, the Clavis300 can also be provided with high-speed LEA encryptor blades integrated in the chassis. A single chassis with 6 slots can therefore include both a QKD system and state-of-the-art link encryptors. If needed additional chassis can be paired with the Clavis300 to host additional encryption blades. Currently the encryptor is based on Korean LEA (Light Encryption Algorithm) ciphers, and allows 4×10 Gbps encryption rate. The encryption processing latency is less than 10 microseconds.

  • QKD technology evaluation
  • Securing access to data at rest
  • Protection of data in transit on backbone and access Networks
  • Secured Applications and infrastructure
  • Data centers interconnect/disaster recovery
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