Quantum-Safe Security applications

IDQ’s quantum safe security solutions are used to ensure vital protection and integrity of mission critical data, both in the data center and in transit across high-speed networks.

Our products are used by enterprises and governments across the globe to secure private and public sector data in a broad range of applications.

Banking & Finance

Banks and financial institutions need to ensure real-time availability of data for banking transactions and applications, while at the same time protecting sensitive client and proprietary information. In addition, they are subject to increasingly stringent compliance and regulatory requirements. IDQ encryption solutions allow banks to implement a company-wide encryption platform with easily managed security policies which seamlessly supports all networks. Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) are also used to provide encryption keys and seeds for other critical security applications, as well as providing the randomness input for advanced financial simulations (eg. for Monte Carlo simulations).

Cloud & Datacentre

Data centers are the back-up and recovery point for the critical data of any organization. They are therefore also the most vulnerable point for any wholesale theft of the organisation’s intangible assets.

IDQ encryption products ensure protection of high speed data-in-transit up to 100Gbps to the DRC, Solutions are built to ensure high level security of data into the quantum era, without reducing the availability or redundancy necessary for data center back up. Multi-tenancy and managed service provider models are also supported.

Additionally, IDQ’s solutions are used to improving the quality of encryption for data at rest and secured access to remote desktop applications.

Government & Defense

Governments and defense agencies need to protect large amounts of classified data with long-term sensitivity, both inside the country and on a global scale. Cyber attacks and espionage are a constant threat, and the only effective way to ensure such protection is through encryption. However data sovereignty depends not only on encryption algorithms used but also on the uniqueness and quality of the encryptions keys. IDQ provides quantum key generation and management solutions for governments, as well as advanced Quantum Key Distribution solutions for long term data protection secured against future attacks by quantum computers.

Critical Infrastructure

The rising threat of deadly cyber attacks to our mission critical infrastructures – such as electricity and power grids, train and transport infrastructures, dams, etc – mean that these networks urgently need improved protection. New platforms for more efficient network management mean that they are more vulnerable to wide scale attacks.

IDQ, together with our partners ABB, provide security solutions to protect against breaches to such networks. MPLS encryption of the transport network, with IDQ’s quantum key generation, ensures data integrity and authentication without impacting latency or jitter – crucial for such time sensitive networks.

IP Protection

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