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Quantum-Safe Security applications

IDQ’s quantum safe security solutions are used to ensure vital protection and integrity of mission critical data, both in the data center and in transit across high-speed networks.

Our products are used by enterprises and governments across the globe to secure private and public sector data in a broad range of applications.

quantum safe security solutions for banking and finance

Banking & Finance

Banks and financial institutions need to ensure real-time availability of data for banking transactions and applications, while at the same time protecting sensitive client and proprietary information. In addition, they are subject to increasingly stringent compliance and regulatory requirements.

IDQ encryption solutions allow banks to implement a company-wide encryption platform with easily managed security policies which seamlessly supports all networks.

quantum safe security solutions for datacentres

Cloud & Datacentre

Data centers are the back-up and recovery point for the critical data of any organization. They are therefore also the most vulnerable point for any wholesale theft of the organisation’s intangible assets.

IDQ encryption products ensure protection of high speed data-in-transit up to 100Gbps to the DRC, Solutions are built to ensure high level security of data into the quantum era, without reducing the availability or redundancy necessary for data center back up.

quantum safe security solutions for government and defense

Government & Defense

Governments and defense agencies need to protect large amounts of classified data with long-term sensitivity. Cyber attacks and espionage are a constant threat, and the only effective way to ensure such protection is through encryption.

IDQ provides quantum key generation and management solutions, as well as advanced Quantum Key Distribution solutions for long-term data protection and future attacks by quantum computers.

quantum safe security solutions for critical national infrastructure CNI

Critical Infrastructure

As critical infrastructure control systems (SCADA) become more closely integrated with other systems via the internet, they are exposed to additional risks. This makes robust cryptographic protection a must.

IDQ’s range of quantum-safe security solutions are designed to protect data in motion against even the most complex attacks, ensuring the long-term protection of critical infrastructure.

telecommunications quantum safe security background feature image of office workers


Telecommunication networks are the backbone of the communication and media services used by millions of businesses, organisations, and individuals on a day-to-day basis. IDQ’s quantum-safe security solutions for telecoms are designed to keep data secure while in motion across telecoms networks.

Our solutions provide carriers with an additional and secure revenue stream, known as security as a service. With these solutions, carriers can ensure security regardless of existing and emerging threats.

quantum safe security solutions for healthcare


Healthcare data networks carry information that is both vital to patient care and highly confidential. It should be protected at all cost.

The coming age of the quantum computer places further requirements on healthcare organsations to encrypt their data at a standard resistant to quantum attacks. IDQ’s range of quantum-safe security solutions ensure that healthcare data in motion is protected in both the current and future security landscape.

Quantum-Safe Security Solutions for V2X Ecosystems


V2X (vehicle-to-everything) refers to a smart, holistic ecosystem where all vehicles and their surrounding infrastructure are interconnected.

IDQ’s range of quantum-safe security solutions are specifically designed to secure data in motion across V2X ecosystems against existing and emerging threats, including those posed by quantum computing.

quantum safe security solutions for intellectual property IP

IP Protection

IP (Intellectual Property) represents a significant investment in creativity and intelligence for many businesses. With the imminent arrival of the quantum computer, cybersecurity solutions need to provide long-term, quantum-safe protection in order to preserve data integrity and future profitability.

IDQ’s range of quantum-safe security solutions are specifically designed to offer robust protection against even the most complex attacks, ensuring your IP remains secure and protected.

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