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Centauris CN4000 Series

Versatile, compact and cost-effective 10Mbps up to 1Gbps encryption

  • High-assurance, transparent, full-line rate encryption
  • Versatile, supports all Layer 2 network topologies
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation and management
The Centauris CN4000 Series Encryptors are versatile small form-factor and high-performance encryptors, offering up to 1Gbps encryption for network data security without compromise.

The CN4000 series are the ideal optimized, high-performance encryptors for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). They also enable an ideal cost effective “encrypt everywhere” solution for Large Enterprises. Despite their small form-factor, the CN4000 Series encryptors have the same robust security credentials as the rack-mounted models.

These encryptors help ensure that no organisation – large or small – need risk costly network data breaches. Setting a price/performance benchmark, the Centauris CN4000 Series meet more modest network requirements, yet deliver the same valuable benefits. They deliver cutting edge protection of data, voice and video communications – without compromising network performance!

Valuable benefits, such as zero network impact, near-zero latency, simple implementation and 100% interoperability are all delivered by the Centauris CN4000 encryptors.

A compact “desktop” device, the Centauris CN4000 encryptors are designed to be the optimal L2 Ethernet Encryption solution for commercial SMEs.

Ethernet services

Versatile and scalable, the Centauris CN4000 encryptors provide secure, transparent encryption over Ethernet networks in point-point, hub & spoke or meshed environments (10Mbps to 1Gbps). “Bump in the wire” design and variable speed licenses make the Centauris CN4000 encryptors easy to install and very cost-effective.

Set and forget simplicity of implementation and transparent design themes help minimise resource requirements. Designed to be testing authority certified, the Centauris CN4000 series are tamper proof, employ automatic encryptions key management and utilise robust AES 256-bit algorithms.

Metro wide area ethernet services

The growth of Ethernet services makes the Centauris CN4000 encryptors an ideal solution for organisations with multiple branch and remote locations. They provide secure encryption of Ethernet traffic across dark fibre, metro and wide area Ethernet services. Supporting more than 500 concurrent encrypted connections, the Centauris CN4000 encryptors operate at full line speed without compromising network performance.

Network encryptor & key management

The Centauris CN4000 encryptors’ key generation and distribution capabilities eliminate reliance upon external key servers and provide robust, fault-tolerant security architecture. They  utilise best in class, ‘carrier-grade’ encryption key management. They are fully interoperable with all IDQ’s Centauris CN series encryptors. The CM7 encryptor management tool provides comprehensive and intuitive remote management. Local management is available via a serial console connector using a command line interface.


A ‘Bump in the Wire’ design and variable speed licenses up to 1 Gbps Ethernet make the Centauris CN4000 easy to install and highly cost-effective. “Set and forget” and transparency are underlying design themes, helping to ensure simplicity of implementation, operation and management, and reducing resource requirements to a minimum.


Designed to be certified Common Criteria & FIPS 140-2 L3, the Centauris CN4000 series are tamper resistant, employs automatic key management and utilizes robust AES 256-bit algorithms.


  • LAN and MAN encryption
  • Fully meshed wide area network encryption
  • Hub & spoke topology with CN8000 at HQ
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