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Quantum-Safe Security Solutions for IP Protection

IP (Intellectual Property) though often intangible, represents a significant investment in creativity and intelligence for many businesses.

The Importance of Protecting IP

IP is often manifested in the form of trademarks, patents and copyright; it is a key component of differentiation and is frequently the sole source of competitive advantage.

In its 2016 Global State of Information Security report, PwC observed a 56% increase in the theft of IP. This increasingly common form of cyber-attack is costing business across the globe billions of dollars each year, as they witness their intellectual property falling into the hands of criminals, industry rivals and rogue states.

In a global, connected market, this trend is only likely to continue. Organisations need to implement more effective methods of securing their IP against these breaches. Sensitive, confidential or proprietary data should be secured both at rest and in motion.

With the imminent arrival of the quantum computer, the solutions they implement need to provide long-term, quantum-safe protection if it is to preserve data integrity and future profitability.

IDQ’s range of quantum-safe security solutions are specifically designed to offer robust protection against even the most complex attacks, ensuring your IP remains secure and protected.

The Impact of IP Theft

Intellectual property theft often comes from within. Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report states that current or former employees stealing valuable IP via espionage was the motivation behind 47% of breaches.

With cyber warfare becoming more prolific, organisations and governments in particular must also look to protect themselves from state sponsored IP theft to ensure state secrets remain under lock and key.

This means that sensitive information needs to be protected against threats both inside and outside of the organisation.

While all industries will feel the impact in one way or another, there are industries in which protecting IP is particularly important. According to its 2016 Global State of Information Security report, PwC report that, between 2015 and 2016:

  • The public sector has seen a 159% increase in IP theft
  • Banking and finance has seen a 183% increase
  • Power and utilities has seen a 234% increase

In addition, there are industries where trade secrets shape the entire strategy of the business, such as in manufacturing and media.

Quantum-Safe Security for IP

To continue leveraging IP as a key differentiator, organisations must act quickly to secure it. Implementing a quantum-safe security solution allows organisations to encrypt their data to a level unparalleled by more traditional cryptographic methods.

Quantum-Safe Network Encryption

IDQ’s Centauris network encryption platform offers “set & forget” functionality to ensure that the encryption does not place an additional burden on the network team. In addition, state-of-the-art security features meet even the most stringent regulatory requirements. FIPS and Common Criteria level security certifications ensure both physical protection of the appliance as well as best-practice encryption key management processes and access controls.

Quantum Key Distribution

IDQ’s Cerberis quantum key distribution range is the world’s first carrier-grade QKD platform that provides provably secure key exchange. The range exploits a fundamental principle of quantum physics to exchange cryptographic keys over networks, ensuring long-term protection and confidentiality.

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