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Quantis QRNG Product Certifications

Random number generation needs to be unfailingly reliable. Poor quality randomness means poor security as the output bit stream may be predictable and therefore easily guessed or emulated.

That is why IDQ follows best practices and continually performs quality and security testing on its Quantis quantum random number generation products, in line with the recommendations from the most demanding standard institutions worldwide. Quantis QRNG products have been certified by many leading agencies:

METAS Certification

Thales comprehensive network traffic encryption solutions use Layer 2 and 3 encryption to ensure security without compromise.

The Swiss Federal Office of Metrology (also known as METAS) is the Swiss national organization in charge of measurement science, testing and compliance. METAS evaluated and tested Quantis products and confirmed that the quality of its random output complies with the highest requirements. See the Certificate of Conformity and read the Test Report.

CTL Certification

Quantis has also been evaluated by Compliance Testing Laboratory (Bangor, UK), which confirmed that it is “suitably unpredictable and fit for purpose”. Download the certificate here.

iTech Labs & GLI

Several gaming systems that use Quantis products have been, on customer’s request, tested and certified by iTech Labs and GLI.

NIST SP800 test suite compliancy

Quantis products have been submitted to NIST compliant test suite and successfully passed all following statistical tests:

    • Dieharder v3.31.1
    • NIST SP800-22 rev 1.a April 2010
    • NIST SP800-90B Jan 2018 comprising:
      • IID test
      • Non-IID test
      • Restart test

BSI AIS 31-compliancy Certificate

The AIS 31 evaluation methodology is a test suite developed by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This is one of the most stringent test suites on the market.

The AIS 31 compliance test, if successfully passed, ranks a Random Number Generator (RNG) on a 3 levels scale: PTG.1, PTG.2 and PTG.3. The Quantis AIS31 achieved PTG.3 level, which allows it to be used in strongly regulated gaming or security markets. The validation of the AIS 31 PTG.3 level was issued and validated by the French National Agency for Security of Information Systems (ANSSI). It applies only to dedicated AIS31 versions of Quantis which are provided with the certified post-processing software.

For more details on test performed and certifications, download our Quantis QRNG Certification Collection.

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